Constantly Crashing - impossible to work with Screenflow anymore

It crashes regularly nowadays.  

Screenflow v9.0.3 (31522)

Mac OS: 10.15.2 (19C57)


I read that it might be a space issue - at least 20% required.  I've got more than 40% on my SSD.  


I seem to notice that it closing one window often crashes everything.  But it is not the only place that it is crashing.  

Anybody knows what is happening and if there is a cure?

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  • I had not a cold crash but a wheel spinning forever, system blocked but keeping on playing after hitting the space bar to preview... I don't think it's the same issue and I didn't find a solution. for a generic crash like this I found a kba article where it was suggested to 1) clean the library folder - drop it - and 2) wipe system preference from the CLI. it might help in your case if something got wrong in the configuration. I will basically reset you to a brand new after install state 

  • Vito do you have the link the kba? I don't know which folders to clean up.

  • Even more crashes.  Now a different kind.


    I probably saw some patterns - is it crashing when I choose not to save a file with some changes in it?


    ScreenFlow has encountered a runtime error that can affect its ability to continue operating.  Please save your work and relaunch the application.  If the issue persists, please contact technical support and quote the message:


    <CGImage 0x1021a3780> (DP)

    <<CGColorSpace 0x600002615980> (kCGColorSpaceICCBased; kCGColorSpaceModelRGB; Display)>

    width = 5, height = 15, bpc = 8, bpp = 32, row bytes = 64 

    kCGImageAlphaPremultipliedFirst | kCGImageByteOrder32Little  | kCGImagePixelFormatPacked 

    is mask? No, has masking color? No, has soft mask? No, has matte? No, should interpolate? Yes: An -observeValueForKeyPath:ofObject:change:context: message was received but not handled.

    Key path: order

    Observed object: <SCFilter: 0x600002345ea0> (entity: VideoFilter; id: 0x6000002f9260 <x-coredata://420EF145-DE7F-411A-9F67-1FBF5695E627/VideoFilter/p20>; data: {

        action = nil;

        clip = nil;

        enabled = nil;

        name = nil;

        order = nil;

        properties = nil;


    Change: {

        kind = 1;


    Context: 0x1

  • Sathish VJ Crash log is like a car accident scene. I can see the wreckage but you have to explain what you were doing.

    You may want to update your OS to 10.15.4.
    Then confirm that ScreenFlow has appropriate permissions in macOS Preferences Security & Privacy.

    Then describe your configuration and exactly what you were doing/recording, etc.

  • CraigS I couldn't figure it out as yet.  So far I have seen no pattern.  I did wonder in the previous message if "I probably saw some patterns - is it crashing when I choose not to save a file with some changes in it?".  But so far, nope, that is not the pattern.


    I do not want to upgrade to 1.15.4 unless there is a specific known issue.  I'd like to be more deliberate with upgrades because of previous issues I've faced.

  • CraigS I think I have a pattern now.  If I have a couple of videos, like a picture in picture. I have done certain edits and filters on the pip - mono video filter, drop shadow, cropping, and rounded corners. If I have selected the pip when closing the screenflow file, then the program crashes.  If it is not selected, it's fine.  I have a sample file (of about 27MB) where I am able to reproduce the issue on my machine.  Where can I send it as a bug report?

  • Sathish VJ said:
    I do not want to upgrade to 1.15.4 unless there is a specific known issue.

     You're experiencing crashes with ScreenFlow. The OS might be a factor.

    In ScreenFlow
    Shift Help
    Gather Support Diagnostics.
    Provide ScreenFlow Feedback
    Get case number from us
    Email Diagnostics.

  • CraigS Mine says it is an AppStore build and does not allow capturing/sharing diagnostics.  

  • Sathish VJ You may need to find the crash report in the Apple Console utility and email it to us after you fill out the ScreenFlow Support Form and get a Case Number

  • I have similar issues. Crashing multiple times... unresponsive...beachball spinning. I have to force quit, log-in, restore and hope that it was saved. My videos are relatively simple, I have a macbook pro with plenty of space on the drive...don't know waht to do about it...maybe go back to Filmora...hope not.

  • Hank Wasiak Sorry you're having issues but I can only troubleshoot if you provide technical details. Given how widely used ScreenFlow is by some very demanding professionals, usually, these issues are system or file specific. So I'd need those details.

  • CraigS What kind of details and how to I get you what you need. Thanks

  • CraigS Ok, I'll try to do that. Meanwhile I have created a crash report video that your team could try and replicate: https://youtu.be/Ebp7AP8wMWg

  • Delete ScreenFlow Cache:
    1) Make sure ScreenFlow is not open. (save any work in progress)
    2) Open a new Finder window.
    3) Select the "GO" menu top of screen, Hold "Option" key with menu open, and select the "Library" that appears.
    4) In the Library folder open Caches folder.
    5) Delete ALL folders that start with “net.telestream.screenflow(4/5/6)”
    6) Empty trash. 

    Part 2: 

    Reset ScreenFlow Preferences:
    1) Make sure ScreenFlow is not open.
    2) Open Terminal and copy and paste this command and press Enter:To open "Terminal" (Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal).
    defaults delete net.telestream.screenflow7



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  • Sathish VJ Update to macOS 10.15.4.

    See if it still crashes when you select the Facetime recording in the track.
    Delete the Photo Effect Mono Filter from the Facetime recording.
    Save the document.
    Open the document.
    Select the Facetime Recording which now no longer has the Filter and see if it still crashes.

    If you try Vito's steps (although it would be defaults delete net.telestream.screenflow9
    Tell me if that helps.

    Please confirm the above and post back.

    When you send in the crash log please post the case number you receive here.

  • Hank Wasiak  We have this at the top of the forum. This information helps us respond quickly with troubleshooting and investigation.

  • I am just getting set up on a new computer with a clean install of Catalina 10.15.4 and Screenflow 9.0.3 does appear to be rather crash prone. It seems to be fine with the old computer that is still running Mojave. If it continues I'll try the suggestions mentioned above, since I am also having sound issues recording from the Yeti microphone, which hasn't been the case before.

  • Ashley Karyl said:
    Screenflow 9.0.3 does appear to be rather crash prone.

     Do you have a set of steps we can follow to reproduce a specific crash.

    Ashley Karyl said:
    I am also having sound issues recording from the Yeti microphone, which hasn't been the case before.

     I'd need specifics as I can't analyze something general like "issues recording."

    I'd like to help but we'd need details so we can match system and steps to verify what might need to be fixed if anything.

  • I've just sent you a PM with a link to some crash reports. 

  • Ashley Karyl Make sure you fill out our Support Form. Once we send you an email address with the case number, email that link you sent me, with the case number. That way we can attach your crash reports to your case number for investigation.

  • CraigS I've been with support on the phone. Did the deletes recommended. You have my crash reports uploaded. It works intermittently but crashes about 5 times/day - just by opening up a file or two. Sometimes I don't even get to see the timeline. Crash report indicates a PAGE FAULT, seems to be coming from the thumbnail generator thread.

    BTW, this is a major-crash (shuts the whole Mac down and reboots). Somehow this is bypassing or causing a sand-box violation of Apple safety and security protocols. This a major issue if Apple finds out so you may want to escalate before they do. 

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  • Don Schmincke 

    Don Schmincke said:
    , seems to be coming from the thumbnail generator thread.

     So does disabling both thumbnails and waveforms in the lower left of the timeline stop the crashing?

  • Don Schmincke Yes. having the same issues and getting worse...now it's shutting down by macbook pro. It's making it impossible to use productively anymore. URGENT tech fix is needed or Screenflow will loose its user base. Help!!!

  • Hank Wasiak Please fill out the previously posted form link. Perhaps we can find the pattern. Again see if disabling Thumbnails and Waveforms stops the crashing.

  • CraigS Disabled  and still crashes. Intermittent. First time don't even see the document, just crashes. Second time it does come up and seems working. Other times crashes in editing . Can you Zoom? I can show you live. .... I sent you the document. Here's the dropbox link so you can download. With all the Apple crash uploads, and your tech report uploads, and this file itself, programmers should be able to track the problem. 



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