Is either Multitple camera inputs each streamed to a separate destination OR Multiple Instances of Wirecast possible?

I use Wirecaset Pro (latest current version) on Windows. I have a special streaming requirement and I wonder if it is possible using Wirecast.

I need a setup that will allow for Multitple camera inputs (between 2 to 4) each streamed to separate destination (e.g. camera 1 to YouTube; camera 2 to Facebook, ...) simultaneously.  To describe it another way I need a setup that will ingest 2 to 4 camera feeds. Then provide isolated live streams for each camera input.

Can this be achieved using Wirecast? Any possible ways?

For example could one possible solution be to run Multiple Instances of Wirecast each with its own separate camera input (being ingested using decklink quad or multiple capture devices) and each instance streaming to a different rtmp destination?

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    If your computer can support it, you can have multiple Wirecast documents open, each receiving the same or different cameras, each sending to different destinations.
    How many cameras, Wirecast documents, destinations will depend very much on your computer's resources and the bandwidth available. It's not something officially supported but we know users who have done things like that.

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