Wirecast to zoom using NDI.

please, Help if you can. I want to use my wirecast on my mac 1 to send my output via NDI to another computer mac2 where i would like to screen capture it to zoom( since zoom doesn't receive NDI). How do i do this. step by step tutorial will be very helpful. Also i want to be able to capture the audio of the people in zoom and bring it into my wirecast and send my audio also to the people in zoom.  I have already installed the NDI package on my mac

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  • Wirecast Studio receives NDI. Wirecast Pro adds sending NDI.
    To screen capture you can use Newtek NDI Scan Converter. It's free. 
    Zoom on Mac doesn't seem to support any Virtual Camera input including NDI.

    Zoom does include screen sharing so perhaps set up Newtek NDI Video Monitor (also free) on the computer with Zoom and screen share it into Zoom. I haven't tried that but it should work.

    Zoom 5.0.1 on Windows does support Virtual Camera in so could send Wirecast Virtual Camera Out to Zoom input on the same computer (use two-monitor setup).

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