Using rendezvous limits canvas resize

If you initialize rendezvous and use the output as a source, you cannot adjust the canvas size. I have tried to upload a GIF to give people the ability to see this however it is always too large for this forum. I would upload a video to YouTube to give a detailed walkthrough of how to perform this yourself but nobody every watches them...

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  • GIF up to 10MB would work so you can drop the frame rate (and frame size) to lower the size.  You could try 640x360 at 5fps for example and that might work. 

  • CraigS I tried that size and scale. It was still 90mb. Sometimes the process of opening a couple of windows to show the result cannot be shown in a small gif. Which is why I always chose to use videos. Unfortunately they were never watched so I don't see the point anymore. Here's a text based walkthrough of how to reproduce that absolutely nobody will do to confirm or be able to reference.

    At any rate:

    1. Open wirecast
    2. Create rendezvous session and set output to canvas
    3. Attempt to change canvas size
  • Matthew Potter said:
    Create rendezvous session and set output to canvas

    I understand creating a rendezvous session but how does one set Rendezvous output to canvas?  

  • CraigS sorry. I mean set it to the live view. 

  • Matthew Potter said:
    I mean set it to the live view. 

     Sorry but please explain further. 
    One creates a Rendevous session but one has to create shots for guests and hosts. 
    You should explain as if you were writing a User Guide that someone can create all the steps.

  • CraigS you don't need to add anything to the shots. Simply setting the rendezvous video to rendezvous guests to the live output causes this. You don't even need to have people join.

  • Matthew Potter Rendezvous is not having any impact on Canvas size for me.

  • CraigS 

  • CraigS Did you set the live view to be what you send to the guests?

  • Matthew Potter That works as intended. 


    You can't change the Canvas if the Canvas is Live. It's live if it's going to Rendezvous Guests. Set canvas first before sending it to guests. Otherwise switch off sending the Canvas to the Rendezvous guests, change it, switch back to sending to the guests again in Rendezvous.


    Once the Canvas (Live Broadcast Area) is live you shouldn't be able to change it. Live means anywhere whether streaming, recording, Virtual Camera, Rendezvous guests.

    Rendezvous doesn't specifically limit that. All Live situations limit it by design.

  • CraigS Virtual camera, NDI, SDI and the Rendezvous can all handle various resolutions. I understand why recording and streaming you would want to have the warning but all 4 of those protocols have built in handling of various resolutions.

    It makes no sense as to why you would disallow a setup to not allow the canvas size restrictions after Rendezvous is initialized. Granted, Wirecast can't handle scaling properly anyway so it's simply a matter of adding this to the list. Heck, even the Multi-view stops working by switching the "Auto (1920x1080)" to "1920x1080".

  • Matthew Potter Sending the Live Area to any output counts as Live and canvas can't be changed. You can make the request but it's likely counter to the way the program functions. 

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