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Why does Screenflow default to offering to add new recordings to document "untitled" (a document that does not exist)  instead of ones that do?

All too often I've forgotten to change it to the document I want, and lose my recorded clip as it does not create a new "untitled" document for the clip I recorded.

When I quit, it does however ask me if I want to save the non-existent "untitled" document.

If I do save non-existent "untitled", there's no recordings or media files in it when I open it.

I combined two screenshots below. You can see where it offers to add the new recording to  "Untitled", but under Windows menu in the menubar there's no "Untitled" document.

Shouldn't "Add to Document" only list documents you'd see under the Windows menu in the menu bar?



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  • ScreenFlow 7.1.1? 
    Please show how you got to that point. The only Documents offered are ones that you have open or Create New Document (which would be Untitled until saved).

  • I can verify I have this same issue, and it's really frustrating to deal with when you forget to change the document *every time* you record a short snippet for a long video. 

    Version 7.3 (31021)

    Steps to recreate:

    1. Make a new recording

    2. A new 'untitled' window with recording will appear

    3. Close screenflow, without saving doc

    4. Reopen screenflow

    5. Make a new recording

    6. Bug appears, with "add to document" option available with "untitled" as a choice. If you choose untitled, nothing happens. The recording disappears and you can never get it back.

  • Kevin Lamping I'm following your steps and not seeing the issue. 
    On step 3 I click on "Don't Save" but you don't mention that.
    On step 4 the Configure Recording window opens when starting ScreenFlow and the new recording I make is in the project. There is no Add to Document option since it's the initial recording. That document is always Untitled until you save it. 

  • CraigS In step 3, you have to close screenflow without first closing the untitled document.

  • Kevin Lamping If you select File > Quit from ScreenFlow that popup window to save comes up. Perhaps you're doing something to circumvent that. That may be the issue. If you attempt to Quit ScreenFlow that popup comes up and you must select between Don't Save, Cancel, Save.

  • CraigS that dialog does pop up and I hit "don't save". Bug still occurs though.

  • Kevin Lamping I can't reproduce the issue. Perhaps it's something you're doing or something about your system.
    If I reopen ScreenFlow I get the standard Configure Recording window. 
    I"m not sure how you're getting to Add Recording if ScreenFlow is first opening.
    Please do explain further.

  • Kevin Lamping said:
    4. Reopen screenflow

    5. Make a new recording

     You may need to explain step 5 because that works as expected for me.

  • I guess in step 6 I should have specified "end the recording". Anyway, attached is a video recording of me recreating the bug from start to finish. Hopefully it's clear.

  • Kevin Lamping I'd really need to see the entire desktop to see what's going on. There's a ScreenFlow helper app involved also. Perhaps you have other applications that might be impacting whether ScreenFlow has completely quit and closed. 

  • I see this is an old topic, but this bug still remains.  If you open a document and do not save it while working on it (Untitled), then for some reason you restart your Mac, after the restart when you open ScreenFlow and new document, ScreenFlow then opens a document “Untitled 2” as though untitled is still open, even though it is not and is not available in the Window menu, nor is it available in the recently opened menu..  if you make a recording, and aren’t paying attention, ScreenFlow will try to add that recording to the “Untitled” document, even though it isn’t opened, and really isn’t a document because it hasn’t been saved anywhere.  This may not be entirely screen flows fault, as the Mac should wait and allow you to follow up on the close document dialog box the ScreenFlow would normally use if you were quitting the program.  But Screenflow should always default to the document that was open and active when you choose to adding a recording, and allow you to select other options.  I’ve seen it frequently add recordings to the wrong document if you have several opened, not to the one you had open and active when you started the recording. In this case try to add it to a document that isn’t even open and actually isn’t even a document ... the result being your recording is lost.

  • Wayne Fox It may depend on whether this is a macOS issue or a ScreenFlow issue. Considering one shouldn't reboot the Mac with a program open and a document unsaved the developers may consider that a workflow one should pursue. Since the document wasn't saved it's possible it's in a temp location. Keep in mind, you can have Safari open, reboot, and go right back to where you left off so this may be how the OS handles this.

    Certainly, you can report it but it may be "expected behavior" even if it may not be desired. The behavior you ask for, may itself, present problems if you're asking the program and the OS to workaround a reboot when the program should have been saved and/or quit beforehand.

    ScreenFlow Support Form

  • restarting with programs open is handled very gracefully by the OS, the restart does not continue until the user has had the opportunity to resolve every dialog box presented by each application that has been instructed by the OS to quit to achieve the restart, and  can resolve whether to save any open documents or whether to discard them. I’m not quite sure what is happening with screenFlow,  so I need to watch to determine why on some occasions I don’t have the opportunity to resolve ScreenFlow in the restart process like other applications.

    However, the issue arises when starting ScreenFlow after such a restart. In this case I find ScreenFlow usually does not alert me to the fact that there was unsaved data and ask me if I want to recover it like it does when the program crashes ( which occasionally happens and ScreenFlow is very good at recovering this data).  Instead it appears the application treats the document Untitled as still open, continues to operate that way, shows Untitled in the Window menu even though there is no Untitled document window available, and any new document is now Untitled 2.

    And then when you start a recording session from Untitled 2 (or any other document), it will default to save that data to the document Untitled which is not an open document, and it is easy to miss that it isn’t the correct document because from the user perspective they are only aware of one document being opened. Since there is no Untitled document open, I’m not sure where  the recording goes.

    If you force quit ScreenFlow and restart it, it will then prompt you to recover data, and if you do, the document Untitled shows up ... but without the recording data you accidentally saved to it.

    None of this is a real big deal or a common issue, but the common issue and to me the real bug is when I initiate a recording from a document, that document should be the default document when I end the recording and save it.  If you have more than one document open, most of the time it seems to default to the document that you weren’t actively using when the recording was initiated.  I think most adding a recording are initiating it from the document they intend to save it in and don’t really look at that document popup, assuming it is their active document.  Despite the other problem this would certainly prevent the loss of a recording, and also prevent having to constantly move recordings from a background document that for some reason was the default in the save recording pop-up.

  • So I just had a problem where ScreenFlow hung up.  I couldn’t do anything, was able to quit all of my other programs but ScreenFlow was just spinning wheel. I had no document opened named Untitled at the time.  I had to force quit ScreenFlow, then I restarted my Mac. I reopened the documents I was working with in ScreenFlow.  Neither were called Untitled. I have no document called Untitled in my Window menu. I added a recording, and for some reason ScreenFlow is prompting me to save this to a document named Untitled.  There was no document opened named Untitled when I had to force quit Screenflow.  

  • Wayne Fox said:
    I’m not quite sure what is happening with screenFlow,

     When you record with ScreenFlow but don't save, the recording is in a scratch location. ScreenFlow can be quit without saving so it may be different than other programs.

    Wayne Fox said:
    ScreenFlow usually does not alert me to the fact that there was unsaved data and ask me if I want to recover it

     Because it may not see the quit as disruptive. There's no problem document (as there's no document). The recording is "independent" since the document wasn't saved. Recovery would be a crash and attempt to recall a saved document.

  • Wayne Fox  Try the following;

    Delete ScreenFlow Cache:

    1) Make sure ScreenFlow is not open. (save any work in progress)

    2) Open a new Finder window.

    3) Select the "GO" menu top of screen, Hold "Option" key with menu open, and select the "Library" that appears.

    4) In the Library folder open Caches folder.

    5) Delete ALL folders that start with “net.telestream.screenflow(8)”

    6) Empty trash.


    Part 2:


    Reset ScreenFlow Preferences:

    1) Make sure ScreenFlow is not open.

    2) Open Terminal and copy and paste this command and press Enter: To open "Terminal" (Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal).
    defaults delete net.telestream.screenflow8

  • I’ll try that.  Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate your help.

    However, please understand, the more important issue here is that when saving a recording, the default document in the saving a recording dialog box is quite often not the document that was the front and active document when you started the new recording.  This behavior really doesn’t make sense, and if this defaulted to the active document that called for the new recording, you wouldn’t end up with a recording saved to a wrong document (or to the odd occurrence of an Untitled document that isn’t actually open).

    This is actually a very common problem, happens all the time unless you're paying attention to the popup in that dialog box, which a typical user doesn’t do because the assumed behavior would be to default to the document that was active when the recording was started. And while you can go to those documents and move them over to the correct document (and you don’t lose them unless you get bit with this unopened Untitled document which is actually pretty rare), still an unnecessary inconvenience. If this were the default, I doubt if I would have ever even noticed an unopened Untitled document occurring, because it would never affect the saving of any of my recordings and it’s doubtful anyone would ever lose a recording because of the issue of an unopened Untitled document resulting from a system crash or forced restart.

    More of a nuisance bug than anything, but seems cleaning up little oddities like is something good developers are always interested in, and ScreenFlow is an outstanding application which indicates the developers are quite good and actually do care.

  • Wayne Fox You submit a report for that but the developers may feel that one shouldn't reboot without quitting. You may want to explain how it might result in lost work after rebooting and starting ScreenFlow again.

    ScreenFlow Report Form

  • I’ll report that.  Again, you seem to be missing the point that the real bug is not defaulting to the correct document when saving a recording which happens all the time, and has nothing to do with rebooting.  That’s a secondary issue, and in fact most likely wouldn't occur if the interface work correctly when saving a recording.  But enough here, thanks for your time, I’ll check to see if that has been mentioned as a bug report and if not add it,  and we can move on.

  • Wayne Fox said:
    gain, you seem to be missing the point that the real bug is not defaulting to the correct document when saving a recording which happens all the time

     When I do an additional recording with a document already open, even if it's unsaved Untitled, ScreenFlow defaults to Create New Document rather than Add to Document. That may be inconvenient but that's not a bug. The developers may have done that intentionally, not fully understanding how some people use the product.

  • If I stop recording in ScreenFlow and then try to Shutdown the computer, ScreenFlow opens a window that says Don't Save, Cancel, Save. Save is the highlighted select.

    If I do nothing the OS opens a window that says Your Mac hasn't restarted because "ScreenFlow" failed to quit. I have the option to Cancel or Try Again.

    I then select Don't Save in ScreenFlow. The computer Shuts Down and Restarts. I open ScreenFlow and do a screen recording. That recording immediately creates the document Untitled and is placed there.

    If I do another recording while Untitled is open, stop the recording and as noted above, it defaults to Create New Document as the option but I can add it to Untitled instead. For me, this all seems to be correct behavior.

  •  I must be doing a poor job at trying to communicate my point. Nothing about new document, another document, etc.  Open a document.  Open another document.  Start a new recording, noting which is the front and active document when you are initiating the new recording, using command shift R, which allows you to set your mic input and capture screen choices.  Make your recording.  Hit command shift 2 to stop the recording. In that dialog box, ScreenFlow has a popup that lists all your open documents that you can save the new recording to. This popup should default to the document that was active when you initiated the recording, since logic says most of the time that’s what you are doing, adding a recording to that document.  But quite often it will actually select the document that is in the background and if you just hit save without looking, you find yourself in the document you are working on trying to find the recording you just made. I can’t imagine any reason this would be a useful feature and would be intentional.

  • Wayne Fox said:
    But quite often it will actually select the document that is in the background and if you just hit save without looking, you find yourself in the document you are working on trying to find the recording you just made.

     Ok so you have multiple documents open and it's not pointing to the document of "focus" (the one currently being worked on). So the priority isn't properly expressed when saving documents. Your above description helps. Thanks.

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