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Why does Screenflow default to offering to add new recordings to document "untitled" (a document that does not exist)  instead of ones that do?

All too often I've forgotten to change it to the document I want, and lose my recorded clip as it does not create a new "untitled" document for the clip I recorded.

When I quit, it does however ask me if I want to save the non-existent "untitled" document.

If I do save non-existent "untitled", there's no recordings or media files in it when I open it.

I combined two screenshots below. You can see where it offers to add the new recording to  "Untitled", but under Windows menu in the menubar there's no "Untitled" document.

Shouldn't "Add to Document" only list documents you'd see under the Windows menu in the menu bar?



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  • ScreenFlow 7.1.1? 
    Please show how you got to that point. The only Documents offered are ones that you have open or Create New Document (which would be Untitled until saved).

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  • I can verify I have this same issue, and it's really frustrating to deal with when you forget to change the document *every time* you record a short snippet for a long video. 

    Version 7.3 (31021)

    Steps to recreate:

    1. Make a new recording

    2. A new 'untitled' window with recording will appear

    3. Close screenflow, without saving doc

    4. Reopen screenflow

    5. Make a new recording

    6. Bug appears, with "add to document" option available with "untitled" as a choice. If you choose untitled, nothing happens. The recording disappears and you can never get it back.

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  • Kevin Lamping I'm following your steps and not seeing the issue. 
    On step 3 I click on "Don't Save" but you don't mention that.
    On step 4 the Configure Recording window opens when starting ScreenFlow and the new recording I make is in the project. There is no Add to Document option since it's the initial recording. That document is always Untitled until you save it. 

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  • CraigS In step 3, you have to close screenflow without first closing the untitled document.

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  • Kevin Lamping If you select File > Quit from ScreenFlow that popup window to save comes up. Perhaps you're doing something to circumvent that. That may be the issue. If you attempt to Quit ScreenFlow that popup comes up and you must select between Don't Save, Cancel, Save.

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  • CraigS that dialog does pop up and I hit "don't save". Bug still occurs though.

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  • Kevin Lamping I can't reproduce the issue. Perhaps it's something you're doing or something about your system.
    If I reopen ScreenFlow I get the standard Configure Recording window. 
    I"m not sure how you're getting to Add Recording if ScreenFlow is first opening.
    Please do explain further.

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  • Kevin Lamping said:
    4. Reopen screenflow

    5. Make a new recording

     You may need to explain step 5 because that works as expected for me.

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  • I guess in step 6 I should have specified "end the recording". Anyway, attached is a video recording of me recreating the bug from start to finish. Hopefully it's clear.

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  • Kevin Lamping I'd really need to see the entire desktop to see what's going on. There's a ScreenFlow helper app involved also. Perhaps you have other applications that might be impacting whether ScreenFlow has completely quit and closed. 

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