Hot key list not saved in preferences

When Wirecast crash, you recommend to reset preferences.

Doing this you'll loose every hot key you set for your work.

Could be useful to save the hot key directly in .wcst document.

Viceversa you'll spend a lot of time to rebuild your hot key list and this seem to be insane. Thanks.

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  • This is a session I recorded after a preference reset of Wirecast

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  • Gianni Fantoni Profilo Privato Unfortunately reseting preferences resets the hotkeys as well. Of course we endeavor to fix the issues that cause one to reset preferences. One could make a copy of the preference file as a backup. Of course if reseting preferences fixes an issue, that would make the backup value moot.

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  • CraigS it seems to me that this is a... key question. Probably your developers should improve this feature, because Wirecast 8.2 is still buggy and crashes often.
    Saving just the hotkey, maybe in a separate file, could be a very good workaround but I can guess your engineers know very well how to do it. 

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  • Gianni Fantoni Profilo Privato Perhaps saving a separate hotkey file or maybe saving them with the document might be an idea worth exploring. Please do make the feature request. Keep in mind if the only reason is because of the need to reset preferences, they're working on minimizing the need to do that already.

    Wirecast Feature Request

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