Manually switch shots in playlist mode?

I have a live event I'll be streaming with around 100 different slides for each speaker from a powerpoint. As I'm sure the speaker will not be going through each slide for a set amount of time, I'll need to switch each slide on screen manually. Is there a way to do this?

Obviously I can delete the playlist and switch each slide manually in the main shot list, but as there are multiple speakers with their own powerpoints, it feels very hectic and disorganized to not be able to basically put each speaker's powerpoint slides into separate "folders"

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  • To advance through playlist before the file's time is up use the right arrow button.

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  • Your best bet may be to simply use either another computer or a window on the computer then have the controls for it loaded on a phone.

    If you're limited to video inputs and cannot bring in another computer or tablet, or chromecast device, you can use a browser and go full screen. Then do a window capture of that browser. You would have control over it if you were to have the "presenter view" window open so the on screen display doesn't show.

    I would have sworn there was an ability to control and present via a URL which I was going to say use a web view for but alas there is not... You'd think Google would have solved this remote playing/controlling a slide deck by now... It is an easy thing to build using websockets and a private page... but ideally you'd keep it in a slide deck format so presenters (as they do) can keep updating it right up until showtime.

    I wonder if 365 has a solution for web interface control. Hmmm, damn. Nope.

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