Screenflow 8 not recording Zoom Meeting Audio

We do interviews remotely with subjects using Zoom. We record with Screenflow as it's better quality. Currently, we are having an issue with Screenflow recording the audio from the Zoom meeting. This is not an issue with older versions (some of us have not updated) all setting are the same, so I'm assuming there is something new with Screenflow 8 that I need to implement/switch? 

We're using MacOS High Sierra 10.12.6


Any thoughts are most appreciated.



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  • Please update to ScreenFlow 8.1. Due to changes by Apple in the OS and hardware on new Macs with T2 chips, we've had to change the sound driver.

    Please set Zoom Speaker to Telestream Audio Capture.
    Then test.

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    • CraigS Excellent! I just did it and I can finally enjoy listening to our recordings. 

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      • CraigS
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      Thierry Mazué Great to hear. 👍

  • thanks! I was still having issues with this fix. I've found though that some computers are having issues and some are not. A fix for the ones that are, I switch screenflow to Record Audio from Built in Microphone as well, then I at least get the subjects audio.

  • mad nis Please confirm that you've updated to 8.1 and can access Telestream Capture. We need to examine why you are having an issue. It's the only way we can explore solutions.

  • My above reply is using Telestream Capture.



  • mad nis Please test by capturing a YouTube video playing in Safari (no need to set the driver in that case). That will determine that the driver is basically working otherwise.

    Again please confirm that you've updated to ScreenFlow 8.1.

  • Hi  CraigS , yes. I never had a problem recording YT videos. Only recording Zoom meetings. I will have to let you know later about 8.1. I will not be able to update until EOD. thanks

  • mad nis If you can capture YT video and audio then the sound driver is basically working. It's something about Zoom. Please do confirm update to 8.1 and test with that. Make sure you set its output to Telestream Audio Capture. Keep in mind it may only capture a caller and not your own audio.

  • Oh, I think maybe I'm not sure what you're looking for then. I mentioned earlier that it is working now with the 8.0 version. Recording the caller only (unless I select both audio options, which is fine.)

  • mad nis OK so it's all working now. That's how it's supposed to work. The caller would be recorded. I thought that's where you were having a problem. Your own mic has to go directly into ScreenFlow (as well as Zoom).

    Then it's all good. Sorry about that.

  • no worries! just a lil miscommunication :)

  • mad nis 😉

  • Hi there, I will try the suggestions here as I am having the same issue. I'll let you know if it doesn't solve the issue. Thanks so much!

  • I did an audio test with Zoom and it seems to be working, although I recorded the Zoom 'test sounds' and not an actual person. Is this what you were referring to CraigS? Here is a screenshot in case it helps anybody out. 

  • Adama Nesil Yes that would mean ScreenFlow should record Zoom guest audio. Thanks for posting that. It certainly may help other users.

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  • CraigS thank you, it works perfectly for me now.

  • Adama Nesil Great to hear. You're welcome of course.

  • Hi there,

    I have ScreenFlow 8.2.3

    I select Telestream Audio Capture

    ScreenFlow seems to be able to capture both video & audio

    for things like YouTube videos and webinars that do not use Zoom.


    For webinars that use Zoom,

    ScreenFlow captures the video...

    but not the audio.

    Thoughts ?

  • Michael Have you set Zoom to Telestream Audio Capture as output?

  • CraigS 

    On my Mac Mini

    OS 10.13.6 High Sierra

    System Preferences



    Telestream Audio Capture


    These are the settings I've been using...

    it works for everything except Zoom...

    Specifically, when I'm recording someone else's Zoom webinar.


    But I just noticed that when I open up Zoom,



    Output was set to Built-in Output ( Headphones ) instead of Telestream Audio Capture.


    I'll find someone who's doing a Zoom webinar so I can test my new settings.

    Thanks !


  • Michael said:
    Output was set to Built-in Output ( Headphones ) instead of Telestream Audio Capture.

     Zoom has to be sent to TAC so ScreenFlow "hears" it.

  • My problem is also related to recording a Zoom meeting with Screenflow 8.2.3. I've selected TAC. My audio is clear but the audio from my guest comes through with a serious echo (one that I didn't hear in the real time Zoom meeting - only the Screenflow recording.) Should I ask my guest to use headphones to bypass the speaker or to also select TAC on his settings or both? 


    Thanks for any light you can shed!

  • Heidi Shott Yes, it may help if the guest wears headphones. Although conferencing software is supposed to "squelch" such echos it doesn't always work. 

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