Audio out of Sync

I am using the latest version of Wirecast and am having a sync problem with doing rendezvous episodes where the lips and audio are not in sync.  I am typically using a Logitech c930 and an ATR USB Mic.  If I use the same Wirecast software to do some editing on the fly, no synch issues.  What am I missing?

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  • Wirecast 10.1? If not, please update.
    Are you hearing sync issue in Wirecast or is it when monitoring the stream or recording?
    Try using the webcam's built in mic instead. That may let you know if there's a signal path issue between the webcam and the mic.

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  • CraigS  Thanks for the response. I have updated from 10.0 to 10.1  And I still have the broadcast, when i capture it and record to an mp4 format, is out of sync. 

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  • Jeff Harrison  - I have seen something like this in the last two weeks... It seems to start after a any dropped frames and continues to end of broadcast... Is this the same for you, or does it happen right from the start?

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  • Jeff Harrison if there's a sync issue in the recording then it may be at the source going into Wirecast. Please test with webcam and it's built in mic only and do a recording. Again you have to check for a signal path issue. 

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  • Same thing happens to me. Whenever there is a drop frame, the audio will go out of sync.

    I use Sling Studio streaming to my Mac Mini on my closed local 1Gb network. I hard wired all the components. No wireless at all (except the cameras). I only allow the audio to come in from Sling Studio line-in audio. And I take the feed to Wirecast. I turned off all the audio source on Wirecast and only send the audio to one single shot at the bottom layer.

    I tested it hundreds of times with the above config. I tried increasing and decreasing the buffet (from 10s to 0.1s). Nothing works. Whenever there is a drop frame, the audio will be 1s out of sync.

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  • Keawe Wong Only when there's a dropped frame? Wirecast reporting the dropped frame. Wirecast 12?
    I'd like to help but you must describe your workflow and monitoring in detail. 
    You need to find the cause of the dropped frames but there's not enough information.

    Keep in mind no one has posted to this thread in 7 months. and the version of Wirecast was 10. It's now 12.

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  • CraigS I am using Wirecast Pro 12. Your reply sounds a bit defensive. I am not looking for blames here. What I posted was the workflow. I don't know how detail does it have to be.

    If you really want to help, why don't you spend a few seconds to give us some suggestions to troubleshoot? 

    I am posting just so that the community knows the issue still exists. Maybe someone found a solution I can use.

    I will also share my solution if I manage to solve this problem.

    No need to sound like I am causing trouble by posting an issue here. 

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  • Keawe Wong said:
    If you really want to help, why don't you spend a few seconds to give us some suggestions to troubleshoot? 

    Your problem doesn't seem to be the same as the original poster. They don't mention dropped frames, you do.  While the issue was posted about Wirecast 10, there's been no posts on this thread regarding Wirecast 11 or 12 which may mean it's a configuration issue rather than an issue with Wirecast. 

    My previous post was to test using a "controlled" (known good) source which would be webcam and its built in mic. That would eliminate the source (Sling Studio in your case as part of the issue). Do a local recording using 720p and Apple ProRes which would be the least CPU use.

    Similar symptoms may have very diverse causes. If your issue is unrelated to the original poster then this would require a very different troubleshooting protocol.

    You believe dropped frames are the cause but it's not clear if that's the correct cause so, first, we need to test with another source (webcam and its built in mic is the easiest) to eliminate the source as an issue.

    Sorry if this is inconvenient but I can't make assumptions.

    Information missing is:
    Have you monitored the audio coming from Wirecast pre-encode and is it in sync?
    Have you done a local recording and watched it for sync?
    What your CPU use is?
    Are you judging dropped frames by Wirecast report, local recording jogging through, watching live stream, watching live stream converted to VOD?
    Workflow needs to include all the above.
    Then we need to test under the best "controlled" circumstance eliminating all variables to see if that's clean. Then reintroducing variables to determine the cause.

    Hence, as I had posted for the previous poster, start with webcam and its mic.

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