The screen display not visible


i have installed the upgrade to 9.01,  and after installing the display of screen is white.. the broadcast is visible for my viewers but i cannot see what to do with logo or adding other medias into the screen.

i was later on reinstalling on a older computer and then the display was suddenly visible.

The broadcast origin have following specs

Windows 10, 64bit
Intel Core i5  7299U
CPU 2.50GHz
8GB Ram
Intel HD Graphics 620

And was working fine with Wirecast 7.01, and is working now also but we cannot see the display anymore.

We have re-installed, no change, downloaded latest DirectX, no change.
We have also installed Wirecast 9 on another older computer with lesser specs, and then it suddenly works....but not to be the one we using.

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  • Fredrik said:
    downloaded latest DirectX,

    Confirm that's DirectX 12.

    If so try reseting Wirecast Preferences. Wirecast > Help > Send Support Information but click on the lower left Reset Preferences button. Restart Wirecast and use a New Blank Document.

    In Wirecast > Preferences > Advanced
    please check Video Adaptor and make sure Intel HD Graphics 620 or similar is elected.

  • Hi, it had the latest DirectX 12, 

    And i have reset the system, and also checked what graphics is...

    no change...

    my older computer dont have problem.

    but this computer did not have any problem with wirecast 7.01... 

    I have uninstalled the software and re-installed. no change....

    can i ask support to log in remotely via Team Viewer ?

  • I have submited a support ticket, so i will see what the outcome will be.

  • Fredrik said:
    can i ask support to log in remotely via Team Viewer ?

     Premium support includes remote log in.

    It may be something in the GPU driver settings. Support will probably make recommendations around that.

  • Hi Craig,

    we have now found out a lead about what the problem is.

    First we believed the problem was Wirecast directly...so we was following your tips and advice and Wirecast support...

    We got gray hair and did not see why we could not solve the problem of white or black video screen in the video area...


    However, what i did not mention, is that we connecting our PC with Remote Desktop software like Team Viewer to set up our shows. This is due to we want to have a good Broadband connection and make the admin easy.

    So i asked the IT-guy to take a print screen on our broadcast pc, where the Wirecast is installed on... and guess what.... all looks fine... so if we sit in presence of the pc, the Wirecast look all Ok.

    However.. the lead went on that the software "TeamViewer " it self was the problem, was reading into it, about Alpha settings etc... but nothing changed... we installed other remote software like, RemotePC, Google remote, AeroAdmin, etc etc... no difference. And the possibillity goes back again to ............WireCast.


    when we have the older version Wirecast 7.... all works fine with Remote software... but if we upgrade, then somethings happends with the video screen on watching on Remote... what settings this is or change we dont know really yet.

    I put by bet on, that other will get the same issue.


    So... have any ideas?

  • yes i should have put a bet on this.. seems other have same issue, 

    what to do?

  • And i have changed the security settings in with RegEdit, into Windows 10, after their update, 

    1. Open RegEdit
    2. Navigate to this Key:
      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\WinStations\RDP-Tcp
    3. Change “SecurityLayer” to a zero
    4. Reboot 



    but no change. did not help

  • CraigS 
    We have now found the problem now...

    after the upgrade from 7 to 9 wirecast...
    so have some change been made in the wirecast software,  that we cannot close the screen on our monitor...
    when we close the screen, the white boxes appear.

    this happend direct after the installation of the new wirecast...

    Any solution for it?

    we try to save energy and enviroment , and keep down the heat... it have worked before with wirecast 7.

    Fredrik Vargas

  • Fredrik We can't guarantee compatibility with third party remote software. The use of the computer OS/GPU relationship. You may need to look at different programs to remote login.

  • CraigS 
    Hi, this have nothing to do with the thirde party , 

    we have tested about 10 different remote programs:
    Team Viewer, AreoAdmin, RemotePC, Google Remote, etc etc, 

    see the list https://www.lifewire.com/free-remote-access-software-tools-2625161

    It is a change in your software.
    No idea about this ?

    Windows 10, is a pritty big OS to have...a lot of user have it.

  • Fredrik There may be a change in Wirecast or your Computer config (drivers?) that may have impacted this. I believe others are using remote software may not have this issue. I believe we use Team Viewer here. Do you have another computer you can test on?

  • Ultimately Fredrik - it is Teamviewer that is changing the colour palate on your screen. I know it does this when I use it to some remote locations to deal with poor bandwidth. You will need to talk to Teamviewer if you wish to change this behaviour.

  • Greg Kuhnert Thanks for that analysis.

  • Another idea is the Aero surface in Win 10. I know that teamviewer, as Greg mentioned, will switch it.

  • Jens Jarke Thanks for pointing out another thing worth checking.

  • Hi, 

    i will look into the solutions that is given above here...
    We still have the problem, but our quick fix is to let the "laptop" screen to be open mode, and not closed  mode.
    However that is waisting screen and energy.

    We are also thinking about to contact Windows but the gut-feeling says it is a change with wirecast. However , wirecast is a Great tool.

    WIll return with answer.




  • Fredrik We don't have other reports of this issue and, from the description, it really looks to be some GPU or Windows setting.

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