Slip editing

I would like to make a request for slip editing, as in moving the in and out point of a clip without moving it's placement or duration in the timeline, with a preview of the in/out frames.

It would be a perfect companion to the new replace edit function, to perfectly position the new clip within the available time slot.

See here for an example in FCP:



While you're at it, can you do the slide edit also :)

(Moving the clip by shortening and lengthening the preceeding and following clip)

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  • I think that you can do this with existing tools. Try this:

    1. Move the scrubber/playhead to the point on the time line where you want to insert something, select everything (Cmd-A) and press "T" to split all of the clips at this point.
    2. The scrubber/playhead has an appendage at the bottom that makes it look like a golf club. Grab that appendage and move it ahead on the timeline to create the gap that you want.
    3. Insert the new media into that gap.
    4. Double-click on any excess space and hit Delete to close it

    I didn't watch the tutorial you cited (time constraints) so have to ask whether this is what you had in mind or not.

  • Actually, it is simpler than that. Just place he scrubber/playhead, grab the head of the golf stick and drag to the right. No need to select everything or do a cut with "T",

    • Andreas T
    • Andreas_T
    • 5 yrs ago
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    This is not what I am talking about. Please view the linked video from 1:18 and onwards to see what a slip edit is.
    • CraigSModerator
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    • CraigS
    • 5 yrs ago
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    Slip editing, moving the content within without changing beginning and ending timeline point.
    Slide editing, moving the beginning and ending point in the timeline without changing the content of the clip being slid.
    Please do make the feature request.

    ScreenFlow Feature Request Form

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  • Im kind of surprised that Slip editing is still not a function of ScreenFlow 10. It's such an indispensable and expected feature in any professional video editing app, and I find myself ALWAYS needing/wanting it when I'm editing my screencasts in ScreenFlow. All the other "workarounds" are cumbersome, slow and really take you out of the "flow" (pun intended) of editing in ScreenFlow. Feature request submitted.

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