All my titles & resources are disappearing!

I am quite fed up with the new WC 7.x - it is making working quite impossible!

I created a project called day1 with a number of titles and shots for day 1 of a conference. Then I 'saved as' a file called day2. I created new title texts for the various presentations, deleting some of the old unused titles. 

When I saved, it asked me if I wanted to delete the unused titles to which I said yes, saving the day2 file.

Now when I went back to day1 file, I see that all my titles in that project have disappeared! (Note: the 2 projects were not open at the same time).

It is ridiculous that title/text/other resources are not saved as part of each project but as common resources!

How many resources can one keep saving without knowing what is being deleted/saved when one needs to have many projects on the go?

I am quite tired of WC7 which has made our workflow so much more difficult! It was not money well spent.

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  • I'm sorry you've experienced this but I've heard no other reports like this. While I can understand how titles might change, I can't understand how titles might disappear. If you can repeat the steps so that we can reproduce it that would help us immensely. Please make sure you are using Wirecast 7.1 as some aspects of duplicating shots changed since 7.0.x.

    ●  New! Duplicate Shot now performs a “deep copy” of sources and settings in the Shot. Mirror Duplicate will only copy the Shot Layer configuration. Please use Mirror Duplicate if you desire the legacy Shot Duplication functionality (Mac OS X & Windows) 


    This is why including version numbers and specific steps are important to trouble shooting

    Titles and text are saved with the document. If you use external resources they must remain in the same path as when imported in order for Wirecast to find them. That has not changed.

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  • <Titles and text are saved with the document.>

    Apparently not Craig... as I mentioned, I created a new document with text titles named for example, 1a, 1b 1c, 2a, 2b 2c, etc.

    Then after saving that document as Project 1, I resaved it using Save As as Project 2 (which had the same titles in it).

    Some of those titles had to be changed and/or removed in Project 2 (since it was a different project.

    So I saved project 2 - but when I went back and reopened Project 1, all the titles which had been removed in Project 2, had disappeared from Project 1!

    There were no external resources - just titles and text. and yes it is WC7.1

    I have had to uninstall 7.1 and go back to 6.08 where I did the above sequence of multiple projects without any problems.

    There are many other issues with working with text in 7.x which make working so very frustrating! At times, text titles spontaneously change their font sizes from e.g. x-large to xx-small. The 'point size' item in the font size drop down disappears occasionally and then when WC is shut down and restarted, appears again for a while till the issue crops up again.

    I wish I had never switched!

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  • I have not seen any other reports like yours yet. What operating system are you using?

    I tested with Wirecast 7.1 on OSX 10.11.6.
    I create a project with 2 titles. I save it as Project 1
    I then use Save As and name it Project 2.
    I then delete One of the titles in Project 2.
    I save Project 2 and it tells me there are sources (from the title)not referenced in any shot and would I like them deleted.
    I click on Yes.
    I quite Wirecast
    I start Wirecast
    Project 1 is not affected. It still has two title.
    So it's working fine as expected.

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  • Hi Craig, I am on Windows 10 64 bit

    I understand this may not be a common issue which no-one else may have reported yet, but trying to run a business I cannot afford to use something that could be unreliable and risk upsetting a client in the middle of an event.

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  • Please follow my steps and see if it's repeatable. It's possible it's related to the order of things you did. Note I do a Save As First and then make changes in the New Document.

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  • Actually I did do a Save As to save to a new document before making any changes - and I followed the same steps you did...

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  • I think you should do a screencast (much as I did above) to show me the steps you're doing. We'd need some way to reproduce the issue. Shots in one project are not linked to another baring common imported elements (graphics).

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  • Pesi U  I'm having the saving problem as you except with other files like a photo of a video.

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