Extract an excerpt of a video

I'm editing a long video and extracting some excerpts as I go. It seems like this should be easier than I'm making it, so either this is a feature request or a request for instructions.

In order to do this right now, I have to select all clips, go to the start of my excerpt, press T, then go to the end of my excerpt, press T, then deselect all the clips, then select the clips in my excerpted portion, then copy and paste those into a new Recording. This feels like too many steps.

I'd like to be able to set the In and Out markers, press "Create Excerpt" and have this all done for me: a new Recording/Document with just those clips, along with copying whatever media is needed.

Is there an easier way to do this in SF 6.1 that I don't see?


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  • Without knowing the purpose  of the excerpts, here's one possible approach: Select a segment by holding down the Shift key and doing a click/drag with the handle of the scrunner/playhead. Then do File > Export Selected Range ... This will create a video file that can be placed in a ScreenFlow Library for subsequent use. You will loose cursor data - is that important?

    Alternatively, you could do an enhancement request asking for automation options such  as  Automator actions and AppleScript support.

  • J. B. Rainsberger You may want to explain why you're excepting all these clips. I might say it seems like you're trying to create what we used call in Post Production business a "string out." That would be a sequence (time line) of selected portions of clips. This could the be used as a source itself to edit parts into another sequence. You should explain why you're trying to excerpt (complete workflow) to think about the best solution whether workflow or feature request.

  • I also have this need. I want them for short social media clips that stand alone. when i copy and paste, i hear it but the video is gone. But the audio and video are combined in the original.

  • Diane Gibbs Exporting ranges was implemented a while back. This thread is 2 years old. 

    Mark In and Out and then Export Selected Range. Then you can mark the next In and Out and Export the next Selected Range.

  • This topic can be closed! I use this feature all the time. It makes me very happy!

  • Thank you for all these explanations it helped me a lot.

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