Wirecast Pro - 6.07 - Crashing on adding multiple preview windows through Local Desktop Presenter


I am using Wirecast Pro 6.07 version along with Black Magic Ultra Studio 4K.

iOs version : 10.11.4, 3.4 Gz

Output at 720 p

I added 2 Local desktop Presenter. In the resulting options I selected Window and selected 2 different pdf documents on each. Once these documents were added and I open the document preview in full screen mode, wirecast is crashing. The only was i could make it work was to merge the 2 pdf documents into 1 and add a single preview window. 

Can you please let me know if I am doing it incorrect or there is a system issue which needs to be fixed?

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  • I'd like to help but I'm not sure I understand what you're doing. Each local DTP (you're using two) points to one PDF each. You expand one PDF to full screen and Wirecast crashes? Or, you're opening both PDFs to full screen and Wirecast crashes? I'm not sure what your goal is.

    Each LDTP points to a PDF. Each can be used as a shot in Wirecast. I'm not sure why you would need to go full screen on either PDF.

    You can and both LDTPs to one shot to create a two shot. There's a template for two shots but you can do this manually as well. 

  • All done on a single monitor. Nothing is full screen. Two LDTP. Two PDF. Each LDTP points to one PDF. Create a third show with two LDTP in it.


    One Shot with Two LDTP side by side

  • Thank you for your input. I had 2 different pdf which were to follow one another hence the 2 LDP. I did not realize i can use the stretch to fit option which would have avoided the need to go full screen. 

    I had raised a ticket as well with the support group and they advised creating a new file and then Resetting the preferences. I have tried that and wirecast has not crashed since then. 

  • Good to hear the crashing is fixed. You're welcome of course.

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