My Switch Pro 3 has just turned into a beta version!!

Hi Guys,


Woke up this morning and Switch is reporting my beta has expired. Did all the usual things. Restarted the machine. Re-downloaded the version from the site.

Alas nothing. You also can't get into it at all to report a problem.

We are on Yosemite any thoughts?


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  • Were you a beta tester with a timed activation code?
    If you have a paid pro license please go to Switch Preferences, License and re-enter your serial number and tell me what happens.

    Download Link for Switch 3

  • Alas nothing. You also can't get into it at all to report a problem.

    Sorry but I'm not sure what you mean.  Licensed, unlicensed, beta should have

    Report A Problem File..., Gather Support Information, Contact Support...

  • Hi Guys,


    I can't get that far.

    Beta expired sign comes up and kicks me out.

    Never was or have been a beta tester.

    Just upgraded from V2 Pro about a month ago.


  • You're not alone. We have 7 Pro licenses that just stopped working, not able to open the application at all.

    Contacted my sales rep, still no answer. If re-installing is the solution, how will it work with the licenses since we can't de-activate the now not working copies?


  • Have walked into the same situation. Got 7 licensed applications all showing the same error.

    When the application starts the below window appears and can't be progressed from. We have tried reinstalling with no luck.

  • Same problem here

  • Hi All,

    I have looked for the license file with no luck.

    The advice I got from Telestream this morning was to start the application with the shift key depressed.


    This allows you to select removal of preferences but it does seem to help on a Mac. Maybe its different on a PC.



  • On Windows search for Switch and look for .xml files and delete those.

  • Working on finding out the cause and simplest fix for this issue. I'll post back with the solution.

  • We're seeing this issue on our end. We're investigating. Thank you for your patience while we work to expedite a solution.

  • We believe we've identified the cause. We're working on the fix.

  • We're expediting testing of the fix.

  • We've issued the fix.

    Please download and install Switch 3.0.1 and reactivate if needed
    Switch 3.0.1

  • Re-installed and verified. All good again.

  • Niklas Hammarbäck  Thanks for verification.

  • I am having the same issues and I have tried the link above but can't log in, it doesn't reconise my log in details, have tried resetting but it also doesent recognise my email address to reset

  • Geoffrey Sherring fill out the form and we'll get you the file
    Switch Support Form

  • Its now been sorted thanks

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  • You're welcome of course.

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