ScreenFlow Automation

There are many things that are simply not cost-effective for Telestream to add to ScreenFlow because their use cases are esoteric and idiosyncratic. However, that is not the same as saying, "you can't always get what you want."

The solution to many of these unmet needs is for ScreenFlow to become more open to automation as follows:

  • AppleScript - start developing an AppleScript dictionary
  • Automator - develop a suite of Automator actions
  • Automator - publish a ScreenFlow API enabling third party Automator actions
  • SDK - publish an SDK to compliment the API so that third parties can extend ScreenFlow to meet the needs of niche markets.

These are first steps that will need continuing follow-up. Listening to the folks who make use of these things will be key to their contributing to ScreenFlow utility. Supporting the sharing of scripts, Automator workflows, Automator actions and so on should also be undertaken.

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  • Please fill out the form and make the request.
    ScreenFlow Feature Request Form

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  • How many requests will it take until this is fulfilled? Should we start a change.org petition or something?

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  • LeanPocket certainly the number of requests can influence feature request priority. Each person should make their own request since that's how the confirm the level of interest.

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  • After submitting a new feature request for automation, I did receive a request from Telestream for specific examples or use cases. I replied with my peculiar needs but others need to make the request citing the use cases that would benefit them most. 

    So, it's not just the implementation of something labeled "automation" that we need/want but specific kinds of automation. 

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  • Exactly. The developers need to know what people are looking for so they can examine how to consider best implementation. Always be very descriptive with your typical (desired) workflow.

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  • Frank Lowney  LeanPocket  you might find this a useful start:


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  • Since he makes a comment about the state of AppleScript in that thread I'd thought I'd point to the possible source of such thinking.

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  • There are two points that leaven the news that Sal Soghoian (head of the automation technologies division)  is no longer an Apple employee as follows:

    1. Tim Cook says that, "We have every intent to continue our support for the great automation technologies in macOS!"
    2. Sal Soghoian continues his work on Automation with the MacOS Automation sites

    No doubt that this signals change but the nature of that change can only be speculated about at this point. It will bear watching but I wouldn't give up on automation at this time.  

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  • And 9to5Mac's reporting on such as well.

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  • I have just sent in a feature request for some automation of the export process. I would find it extremely useful to be able to start an export of a ScreenFlow File using an AppleScript or Bash shell script.

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  • Don McAllister Do you think maybe we should have a GUI for that as well or would just Apple Script or Bash be enough?

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  • In some respects there is already a GUI in the form of the Batch Export window. I really want a command line option to run a command to kick off an export of a ScreenFlow project file specifying the output folder and which custom preset to use.

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  • Don McAllister thanks for explaining that. Since this request was originally made some time back you may want to ask for a status update as well.

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