Virtual Camera Out Install

Hello Wirecasters, I'm trying to install Virtual Camera with no success. I perform the install and when I come back and try to use VC it asks to be installed over and over again. Lynn Elliott  CraigS Matthew Potter

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  • The version of Wirecast and OS are important. There's potential macOS security issues (may not be specific to Wirecast but impacts it).

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  • CraigS Copy, Yea. Spent some time chatting with Stephen and a few other folks. Not a blame thing on Wirecast just a little frustrated. In any cases. I’m moving forward with Wirecast and a ATEM Mini, Sienna NDI Multi and a Decklink Duo.

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  • George E. Kennedy, Jr NDI itself is an interesting example of the challenges. NewTek makes frequent changes. Sienna's equivalent tools based on Newtek's developer tools sometimes seem "better" than Newtek's. It's a bit of a fast moving target and each change results in new challenges that need to be met. 

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  • CraigS Completely understand. As creatives and Wirecast faithfuls we get bent out of shape when vMix gets all these features we don’t have, but on the flip side dropping new tech in often creates its own set of problems. 
    Love Sienna, Good solution, but $1000 to bring in NDI from Blackmagic Capture is crazy, then you have to pray it works.

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  • George E. Kennedy, Jr My personal preference is still old fashioned SDI cable for reliability. NDI though is a move towards ease of use over "standard" IP on networks which would mean getting IT people involved. It's still early days though for NDI I'd think.

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  • George E. Kennedy, Jr Wirecast 13.0.2, macOS 10.15.1.
    Virtual Camera starts without issue. Nothing else is running on the computer.
    So it certainly works and I haven't seen other reports so there may be an issue with a program or setting impacting it.

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