Switch Pro 4.5.3

Trying to QC a textless version of a show with 8 channels present. 7 and 8 are stereo mixed minus the narrative /vo which reside on 1. Trying to check each channel to verify audio on single tracks, but 7 and 8 do not show any audio. Inspection shows all channels are centered. Just learning switch now, so trying to troubleshoot my issue. We are previewing externally through Black Magic

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  • The current version of Switch is 4.5.6. Please update and test again.

    If you're still having the issue please describe details about the file and system setup.

  • Ok. I will look at getting the update done and respond afterwards.  I can hear the individual tracks from A-F, but G and H are silent. Switch is new to me, so i'm trying to get it set up for testing our QC process. 

  • Dean And multi-channel audio certainly has challenges. Perhaps first look on the desktop before checking with Blackmagic out. Consider something odd like being set up for 5:1 so the system isn't looking at the last two channels (seeing only 6 of 8 channels for example).

  • I didn't update yet, but figured out my problem. Thanks for the info. Had to set default to our Blackmagic decklink audio and i'm able to mute all channels. It's a start.

  • Dean Thanks for reporting that. It'll help if others run into that.

  • Craig. You were right on the Channels of audio. The update now allows us to stay on External Audio for all stereo files, but all we have to do to check our multiple channels individually is check mark internal speakers. I like that part of the update now. That way when an operator closes out the software, it will now always default to external since the Prefer External Device is checked. Much better this way so no one gets confused if something gets unchecked. 


    Craig - another question on audio. I did a side by side test with our old way with Adobe PRemiere and Integrated loudness had our average levels for lkfs at -24.6 on their radar. Switch shows it differently at 26.8, but Switch as you mentioned only shows a momentary average. I'm going to assume Adobe Premiere's radar offers the entire average of the file. Is this correct from your knowledge of the software. thanks for your help.

  • A description of gating which may impact levels. Again check to see how Adobe handles it.

    When measuring Program Loudness, merely calculating the average level will not always be desirable as certain events - e.g. long passages of silence (or very soft background noise) in a movie - affect the Program Loudness parameter.Therefore, a gating scheme that pauses the measuring when the audio level drops below a threshold of -10 LU relative to an ungated measurement of the same program material has been developed.

    The benefit of applying this gate is that the measurement becomes far more cross-genre friendly, allowing for example movies and classical music to be 'loudness aligned' with e.g. pop music and commercials. Note that to be efficient in a broadcast context, various types of program material with very different durations - such as a 2 hour movie and a 20 seconds commercial - must be able to be aligned in terms of loudness, and the gate is a very powerful tool in making this possible.

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