13.0.2 High GPU and Audio Video Lag

  I just upgraded from 12.3 to 13.0.1 and I am experiencing all sorts of lag, both input and output.


It started with my video output being about 3/4 of a second behind the audio output.  (Something that has never happened before.)  So I delayed my audio to match.   

Then my video preview of my three cameras started lagging, and I noticed that my GPU would swing wildly from 50% usage to 90%+ usage.

So without even hitting stream I could completely redline my GPU.

I have turned off thumbnail previews and even turned off my second monitor preview.

My system has an i7 with 16GB of RAM and a GTX 760.

Capture card is the Decklink Duo 2 with three Sony Cameras @1080P 6FPS


I realize its not top of the line, but It has handled Wirecast 7-12 perfectly.

I am curious if there is a known issue, or some special nvidia driver or setting I need. 


Or do I just need a new machine to handle WC13.



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  • Bady Kuenning said:
    I just upgraded from 12.3 to 13.0.1

     Update to 13.0.2

    Please create a New Document. Do not use one created in 12.x.

    Bady Kuenning said:
    Capture card is the Decklink Duo 2

     Update Blackmagic driver to 11.4.1


    Bady Kuenning said:
    GPU would swing wildly from 50% usage to 90%+ usage.

     Remove all monitors but the primary monitor.
    In Wirecast Preferences Shot Display Live GPU Accelerate Cons Disable it.
    Disable Live Audio Meters.
    In Layout use Show Live Only.
    See if this impact performance.

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  • Yeah, I meant to mention that I had tried to update to 13.0.2 and it seemed to make the issue worse.

    Either way, thanks to your help and some deduction I was able to narrow down the culprit.  


    Turning off the two extra screens, and audio bars had zero effect.

    Turns out that the spike was caused by a drop shadow on my corner watermark.


    Interestingly I have drop shadows on all my video feeds and they did not seem to have performance issues, but I noticed when I disabled the date/watermark layer my GPU went from 98% to about 25%.   So I narrowed it further and found that disabling the drop shadow on the small logo in the corner also had the same effect on the GPU.  I was able to go back to running three cameras all with drop-shadows on all three monitors and only get to 50% GPU usage.


    I am not sure if this was a fluke or a change in how v13 renders detailed drop shadows.

    Thanks for the help.

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  • Bady Kuenning said:
    Turns out that the spike was caused by a drop shadow on my corner watermark.

     Interesting that would impact resources that significantly. It's possible the specs or codec of the logo are at issue. Can you tell me how it was made, codec details, etc.?

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  • Sure, it's a white transparent PNG logo, with a fairly complex design.

    It's 99KB and 1000px across.

    I have it resized to maybe 150px in the bottom corner of the stream and set to 20% opacity and a very slight drop shadow on it.

    It has been a watermark that way since vs 9.0 or so.

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  • Bady Kuenning 
    Perhaps try the following:
    In Wirecast 13.0.2, create a new document using only one camera source from the Decklink and your watermark with drop shadow as you normally do. Do a local recording or stream with the encoder of choice and see what CPU and GPU use is with and without drop shadow and note the difference.

    Then, if you're willing, go back to Wirecast 12.2.1 (Previous Version on this linked page) and also in a new document do the same with the same source and encoder setting. That would give us a definitive difference in how we're handling that specific file.

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  • Bady Kuenning Once you've done that and posted the information here. Fill out this Wirecast Support Form. including your specs and noting the difference in performance.

    Post the case number we send you, here. 

    When you get the case number please respond by email with the PNG file attached if you're willing. I have a hunch that can help us with the issue as we've made changes in GPU handling in 13 and it might be affecting specific file types and the use of features like drop shadow.

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  • I recreated the same shot I had been testing on a new document.

    The shot has a layer with three cameras taking up 3/4 of the 1080P canvas, and another layer with the watermark logo in the 4th corner as well as the date in the top corner.

    Each of the three cameras has a drop shadow on it.


    New Document:

    • The scene w/o watermark layer. - CPU 6.5% GPU 18%
    • The scene w/ watermark layer w/o shadow. - CPU 6.5% GPU 25%
    • The scene w/ watermark layer w/ shadow. - CPU 7.6% GPU 28%


    Old Document:

    • The scene w/o watermark layer. - CPU 9% GPU 33%
    • The scene w/ watermark layer w/o shadow. - CPU 11% GPU 33%
    • The scene w/ watermark layer w/ shadow. - CPU 26% GPU 99%


    Other Tests on the Old Document

    • Recreating the watermark layer from scratch with shadow. - CPU 20% GPU 94%

    This told me that it wasn't a corruption with that layer scene.

    • Moving the Watermark layer to another layer 1 to 2. - CPU 20% GPU 96%

    This told me that it wasn't exclusive to layer 1.

    • Enabled the shadow on the clock instead of the watermark. - CPU 23% GPU 98%

    This told me it's probably not related to the file size or format.

    • Turned off the Camera layer and left on WM with shadow. - CPU 11% GPU 11%

    This made it seem like the system didn't like two-layers with shadows.

    • Turned on the Camera layer but disabled their shadows and enabled the shadow on the watermark. - CPU 11% GPU 32%

    This seemed to further confirm the theory that it does not like shadows on two layers.

    I do find it interesting how the issue didn't happen on a new document.

    I do want to avoid recreating from scratch as I would have to recreate over 50 scenes.

    All in all, this doesn't impact me too much as I don't need a software-rendered drop shadow on my watermark as it's very easy to just draw one into the logo its self.


    I am happy to do further testing for you.

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  • Bady Kuenning Just a FYI, multiple reports have been made in the past regarding logo / watermarks. In particular, my issues have related to Pro Res video objects. I have not seen any update yet.

    I reported the issue in Ticket #00599679, which made it to Jira WIRE-15021. But no formal updates yet.

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  • Bady Kuenning It's not clear which version of Wirecast you're testing. I'm interested in 12.2.1 and 13.0.2 because there have been changes in how we use GPU. We need those two versions compared.

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  • Sorry, all of the above tests were done on 13.0.2  Using my converted from 12 document (Old Doc) and a new 13.0.2 document. (New Doc)


    I do not have 12 installed right now, but I had no issues with GPU throttling or A/V lag when I was on it.   


    One of the main reasons I upgraded to 13 is that I use a stream deck, and the new integration plugin was super slow at loading on 12 and on 13 it was nearly instant.

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  • Bady Kuenning If you believe there's a difference between 12.x and 13.x we'd need to know 12.x numbers. The issue is our own tests may not show the same results so in order to evaluate we need user specific examples. 

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  • Tests were done on WC 11.1   (installer I had on hand)


    These tests were done with only one camera input.

    • 1 Camera Shot with no watermark shadow. - CPU 22% GPU 29%
    • 1 Camera Shot with watermark shadow. - CPU 23% GPU 85%


    These tests were done with the same three-camera shot.

    • 3 Camera Shot with no watermark shadow. - CPU 22% GPU 85%
      •                  vs CPU 11% GPU 33on 13
    • 3 Camera Shot with watermark shadow. - CPU 19% GPU 87%
      •                  vs CPU 26% GPU 99on 13

    Interesting results.

    Clearly 13 uses fewer resources overall.  Running in the tens or less on the CPU and handling three cameras with only 33% GPU vs 85%.

    The curious thing to me seems to be when I place the watermark logo shadow 

    13.0.2 jumps to 99% GPU and

    11.1  only goes up 2% to 87%.

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  • Bady Kuenning That's good enough for us to get going on this. Thanks for doing that.

    Fill out the Wirecast Support Form and cut and paste your testing results there. When we send you a case number, post it here.

    Also, once you get the case number, you may want to email us back with your PNG attached since I've seen instances where different PNGs may behave differently

    Wirecast Support Form

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  • Bady Kuenning You may also want to do a quick test with live shot icon's turned off. In some earlier testing that I did, I was still seeing significant differences in CPU load with live shot icons turned on in 13.x ...

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  • Greg Kuhnert Although the impact on CPU should be less than under 12.x. It might be good to document that and send it to us.

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