Echo and voice problem during Skype record

Hello, I am recording weekly news for youtube using wirecast, I have 2 guest and they connecting with Skype and I am adding them to wirecast via NDI Source, with my voice there is no problem but, when the guests are talking their voice has echo or some robotic effects.


Here I am sharing the link of an example : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdRRv5rD6g8

You can go to 8th minute or where ever guests are talking( I am the guy on the left).

Can you tell me what settings should I use to fix it ?

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  • Your audio input from Skype over NDI is the issue. Skype's NDI output signal is duplicated for each of them meaning you only need to have 1 of any external guests used. Your own audio is separate and can be done using the "Local" but having more then 1 of the guests audio selected will cause the issue you are having.

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  • Sinan SAHIN [pinging you so you get an email, sorry I didn't in the last post]

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  • What about this one, here I have only 1 guest but still have some robotic effect on their voice.


    Here is the link:


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  • Matthew Potter  I did the same :)

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  • Sinan SAHIN That last video sounds like it's just a bad room that your guest was in. Check your inputs though, ensure that you ONLY have a local mic and a single guest mic input. To be even easier, don't use your Skype's "LOCAL" mic input. If you can use the same audio device it would be much better anyway.

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  • In reviewing the video Sinan SAHIN , that does not sound like a wirecast issue to me. It feels like mic quality combined with the room.

    BUT, one thing to check. I have often had guests connect a high quality mic, and still find it sounds bad. Get them to "scratch" the mic they are using with a fingernail, and confirm you hear the scratching. I've found on many occasions, the computer is still using a built in mic in the laptop, which never sounds as good.

    Hope that helps.


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  • There are a number of potential causes for echo, some of which have already been mentioned. Ideally, I'd recommend guest listen on headsets (I know not always enforceable) as I've heard issues with Skype's "squelch" feature. If a mic is peaking up the computer's speakers that can be an issue. Matthew's comment about "local" mic is also a factor.

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