Rendezvous: Virtual Camera Out

I love the idea of this new feature, but is there not a way for me to select the “virtual camera out” as what they see?  I need my guests to be able to see everything that is happening on the screen and with other guests.  The only option I have is for them to see me via the my main webcam which isn’t helpful at all.


When people join via Skype they always get the virtual camera out.  That’s what I assumed it would be like with Rendezvous, am I missing something?



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  • Absolutely make the feature request. I believe others may be interested in this as well.

    LP will document it for you.

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  • Thanks Craig.  Bummer, looks like Im going back to Wirecast 7.  While I appreciate the efforts... yall took away so many of the main features that most of use Wirecast for.  And then offset them with other programs that we have to run at the same time.  Hope we see changes and things added back in in the future.  But for now, im going back to 7.

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  • Moxu Rendezvous may not be a 1 to 1 replacement for Skype. Virtual Camera is still there in Wirecast 8 and still works for Skype. I don't think we took away anything but we added a whole bunch. In my own shows I have guest who don't have Skype accounts and aren't always the most tech savvy. I find sending them a link to use in FireFox or Chrome a great solution in those cases.

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  • CraigS Request documented in engineering database. 

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  • LP Thanks for that.

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  • I see v8.1 is coming out soon. Has a method been added to send the program out to a caller via rendezvous. I assume the features for 8.1 have been locked. 

    I'd prefer to use Wirecast on my main Mac computer, but I'm using a PC copy of vMix in the meantime.

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  • Brian Willaims I can't say for certain yet. It looks to still be a work in progress.

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  • Is there somewhere that I can vote (yes) on this feature?

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  • Randall K. Harp The ability to send the Wirecast Live Out to Rendezvous Dashboard so the guests may see it, is coming soon.

    Always feel free to vote for feature requests others have made by filling out the linked form below. The more voices heard, the greater potential consideration by the developers.

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

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