Snapback actions not working

If I make one video action to zoom/pan to a portion of the screen and make a snapback action, that works, but if I then make another zoom/pan after (the original action and the snapback), trying to snapback this new one does not work. It doesn't change the zoom level back to 100%. I've reported this bug over a year ago (in a list of a couple other bugs) but this one was never responded to. Am I the only one seeing this issue?

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  • I haven't seen any reported issues on this. It works for me.
    Perhaps it's the steps you are doing.
    Please include a screencast of you going through the steps so I can see what you're doing.

  • I make a video action, pan/zoom, add a snap back action, copy the first action, paste it as the third action and then with the third action selected, make a snap back action for it. I think it happens even if I make a new action for the third action rather than copying the first action. 

    What steps do you have to make this work?


  • Dave Reed It's probably because you copy and pasted the Action before the Snapback. I believe it's going to use the previous created action and it's not seeing that from copy/paste.

  • Dave Reed Created Action, Snapback, Created Action, Snapback works as expected.


  • Ok, I'll try that, but you agree, that it should work the way I'm doing it - correct? When you add a snapback, it should essentially undo the last action before the timeline insertion point.

  • Dave Reed I'm not so sure it should see anything other than the last created action. You may as well copy the previous Snapback too to be consistent. Tell me if that works.

  • CraigS Copying both the first action and the snap back to create two new actions does not work. The third one matches the first action as it should but then the fourth one which should be the snap back to 100% zoom and no pan doesn't do anything. 

    If I don't use snap back and instead create the second action by hand and change it to 100% and no pan then it does seem like it works. But any time I use the snap back (which is convenient), I end up with problems in future video actions. This issues has been going on since snap backs were added so I don't think it's new in 7.x. I'd love to see it fixed.

  • Dave Reed Certainly make the request and include the link to your file as an example.

    ScreenFlow Support Form

  • CraigS I submitted a bug report linking to this forum thread. Do you also see the issue I'm seeing (i.e., making an action and snap back and then copying both together and pasting both together results in the 4th one - the snapback not working) or is something wrong on my system? I use this all the time as I'm showing a window, but will then to show the menubar choice I make and then want to pan back to the window.

  • Dave Reed If I paste the Action the SnapBack does not work as you experience. 

  • CraigS Thanks for letting me know. Hopefully they can get this fixed as I have to think it's a very common workflow that people use.

  • Dave Reed You're welcome of course.
    Others reading this thread may also want to report as the number of reports can impact priority in addressing this issue.

  • I'm experiencing the same issue. Snapbacks works fine once, then doesn't work anymore. Dave Reed did you figure it out why this could be happening?

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  • Andre Esteves Perrone  as the above Telestream person confirms, this is a known bug. I've reported it to them outside the forums and they are aware of it. It wasn't fixed in the initial release of ScreenFlow 8, but they've indicated they are planning to fix a number of these lingering bugs so hopefully they will. For now, all we can do is wait for them to release an update that fixes them.

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  • Ok, thanks for the quick reply Dave Reed  🙂

  • Andre Esteves Perrone Please test in ScreenFlow 8.1 in a new document. If it's still not working the fix may be in an upcoming release.

  • Hey CraigS I'm using version 8.1 and still experiencing the bug. I created a video to show you what is happening. Thanks for the support! 🙂

  • Andre Esteves Perrone Thanks for confirming. Just in case, if you (or anyone) has a case number on this you may want to send an email stating that it's still an issue in 8.1 (just in case one thought that the fix would have been in there).

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  • Still a problem! I just bought Screenflow 9. And I am working on my first screencast. The University where I work is, like most, going to online teaching for the foreseeable future and I bought this program. Honestly, I have serious concerns if this has been a bug for this long and this hasn't been fixed. What else is not getting the attention it deserves?

  • Pj Koltnow Fill out the previously posted form and ask for a status update.

  • Hello,

    I bought ScreenFlow 8.2.2 (31335) a year ago and did not get a chance to use use it until recently. I  just started to use that. I am a fast learner and have used Camtasia before. 
    Let's admit it...  Unfortunately this bug is there and it is serious. 
    The first snapback works ... the second and third and ... does not work if someone use "zoom and pan to a portion of the zoomed scene"  ... somehow the system remembers the previous actions and tries to reverse to their status and not the latest action!

    The same is true if the action involves several other actions.... usually not all of these actions are (undone) and there is always something left that has to be undone manually. 

    Each action and snapback action should be "brand new" one and does not mess up the previous one ... which unfortunately happens if there are too many action + snapback on the timeline.  I have seen some youtube and saw the person trying to show the effect run into the same problem I am getting ...
    I have done a lot of work to find a solution and up to this point I am relieved that others are experiencing the same problem... and I am not alone.

    I am ready to pay for another upgrade if this problem is fixed... 
    It will be great if you could create a short video on this topic  and enclose it in the reply if you think we are doing something wrong.  



  • Zahra Behfar Issue is still being worked on.
    Our investigation reference is FLOW-5102

  • CraigS I'm glad that it is being worked on. Any idea when it will be fixed?

  • Pj Koltnow I can't speak about dates at this time. 

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