Snapback actions not working

If I make one video action to zoom/pan to a portion of the screen and make a snapback action, that works, but if I then make another zoom/pan after (the original action and the snapback), trying to snapback this new one does not work. It doesn't change the zoom level back to 100%. I've reported this bug over a year ago (in a list of a couple other bugs) but this one was never responded to. Am I the only one seeing this issue?

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  • I'm using Screenflow 10 and still seeing this bug. Something I do a lot in my instructional videos is zoom in, zoom out, zoom in on something else, zoom out, etc. I find that the snapback that should make this easy doesn't work on the second zoom back out, but instead moves sideways, seemingly mimicking the movement from one zoom point to another. I've tried copying and pasting the ones that worked, entering them directly, everything I can think of and nothing works.

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      Carol Jacoby Sorry but we're still working on the fix for this.

  • I think I found a (somewhat awkward) work-around. I put a split between the two occurrences and it seems to work now. But I will be very happy when this is fixed! Thanks

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