Minimizing Window causes preview and live windows to go black.

First, let me say what an awesome product Wirecast is.  Troop 512 ran and recorded our first Global Troop Town Hall on Facebook Live  (now posted on YouTube: https://youtu.be/KMijSHWo8os) on Tuesday night.  I ran the show using hot keys and auto live.

As part of the program, I used MagicJack simultaneously to take listener calls.  At one point I was attempting to bring the MagicJack window to the forefront, so minimized (not closed, but minimized) the WireCast window.  After hanging up the call, I maximized the Wirecast window, but both the Preview window and the broadcast/live window were totally black.  We were still live with active webcams  that our audience could see, but I could no longer see what webcam was active, no matter where I clicked on screen.  I ended up killing the broadcast and restarting it, but that was not very elegant.  Any thoughts?

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  • Interesting but it's hard to evaluate without technical information.
    Key would be version of Wirecast (8.3 is current), OS, and possibly the GPU.

  • Black Live/Preview video - WORKAROUND FOUND

    That just started happening to me, too. I wasn't sure what action was causing it until I found this thread. When I minimize Wirecast (8.3.0 on Windows 10), my Preview and Live windows also go black (but the external monitor and feeds continue to have video). Other actions may also cause it, because I don't recall minimizing the Wirecast window when I initially encountered this problem. I may have overlaid another window, though I'm doing that now with this browser and it's not happening, so...? Fortunately, I wasn't live when this happened, but I did have to restart Wirecast to recover the video... until....


    WORKAROUND: My video is restored simply by clicking the Maximize/Restore button. That shrinks the window to something less than full screen, and the video pops back in the monitors. I can Maximize again and the video monitors are still good. This is completely repeatable.


    Also note that the problem only occurs if the Wirecast window is maximized. If Wirecast is not maximized to full screen, minimizing and restoring (to 'not full screen') doesn't make the video go black.

    And for the record, Wirecast has no "F11" full-screen function like a browser does. F11 has no effect. It's just the Minimize/Maximize/Restore buttons (see image). And also for the record, I had to go look up what those buttons are called. 

  • Gary Pearce Forgot to mention my GPU is an Nvidia GTX 670 . I'm not sure the drivers are up to date. I'll do that and report back.

  • Gary Pearce Windows Device Manager alleges they are up to date.

  • Gary Pearce Do report the issue and the precise steps to reproduce it and we'll investigate. I suspect it's related to how Wirecast uses the GPU relative to its size state.

    Wirecast Support Form

  • Gary, thanks for the work-around.  I will test it tonight.



    Sorry for the delay in responding.  Mega storm on the East Coast caused 4 days of power outage. In regards to your inquiry about my system config:

    My system includes:

    • Windows 10
    • Wirecast 8.3
    • Intel i7 /7700 Quad Core 4.2 GHz
    • 64 Gigs RAM
    • NVIDIA Gforce 730 with 1 Gig Ram - Drivers fully up to date
    • StarTech 4 Port PCI Express SuperSpeed USB 3.0 card with 4 Dedicated 5Gbps Channels - UASP-SATA/LP4 Power.  This card connects my 3 web cams.

      Yes, my Wirecast window was maximized and I minimized it.  I will try the Shrink/Restore icon, tonight.

  • Scott Newman said:
    I will try the Shrink/Restore icon, tonight.

     Do test and confirm.

    Scott Newman said:
    Yes, my Wirecast window was maximized and I minimized it.

     So it looks like we have a pattern. That's important.

    Do fill out the form that I previously posted and note that and that another user has confirmed the same issue. You can post to this forum thread so the technicians can read. 

  • CraigS Done.  Thank you.  For future forum users until the minor issue is fixed, here is a summary of the issue and two work arounds.

    I have an issue with Wirecast that has been replicated by another user.  The issue is when I minimize the  Wirecast window and then maximize it, the preview and broadcast windows are black.  The actual broadcast received by others is NOT impacted, but I cannot tell what camera/scene I am using.  No amount of minimizing/maximizing/shrinking/restoring/clicking will return the preview and broadcast windows to their proper function.  I am using two monitors.   I list 3 scenarios, below.  Each is accurate when monitors are duplicated as well as extended.

    Scenario 1 (Issue)
        • Launch Wirecast (window is automatically maximized)
        • Minimize Wirecast window
        • Click Wirecast icon in taskbar to maximize
        • Preview and broadcast windows are black
        • No amount of minimizing/maximizing or clicking restores preview/broadcast windows to proper functioning.

    Scenario 2 (work around)
        • Launch Wirecast
        • Don't shrink window, but move the window by dragging the taskbar
        • Minimize/Maximize work fine with no impact on Preview/Broadcast window

    Scenario 3 (work around)
        • Launch Wirecast
        • Use Shrink icon (the one between minimize and maximize)
        • Minimize/Maximize work fine with no impact on Preview/Broadcast window

  • Scott Newman You're welcome of course and thanks for offering the workflow tips. We've confirmed the issue and investigating the fix.

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