Wirecast 9.0 Text disappearing after switching away from shot

Hello, I'm using macOS High Sierra 10.13.4, recently tried upgrading to Wirecast 9.0 but ran into an issue after attempting to build out our template in the new version. I was applying on-screen text to appear in one of the layers, then duplicating the shot with the text. After switching to a new shot, the previous text I had inserted would disappear. Occasionally, clicking over to the "..." tab in the edit window would force the text in the shot to appear again, but otherwise it would remain invisible, with a blank outline where the text block would be.

I'm on a Mac Pro (Late 2013)

Processor - 3.5 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5

Memory - 32 GB 1866 MHz DDR3

Graphics - AMD FirePro D5000 3072 MB

In the interest of being thorough with detailing our setup, we use a 1280x720 frame, though, as I mentioned above, I never actually got to the point where I began setting up the output settings or streaming anything. After the text began disappearing, I reverted back to the safer 7.6.0 version we normally use, as our attempt to upgrade to Wirecast 8 was also pushed back due to an increase in crashes and extremely long load times when re-opening the program in that version.

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  • Please update to Wirecast 9.0.1.
    I'd like to help but I need more information.
    Please do include step by step how you're duplicating the text or the shot.
    Also include font information. 

  • CraigS When I was attempting to build out the template, I was using the System Font option, and using a custom downloaded font called Liberator. After adding a text input to the shot, I would type the graphics out and space them so that they fit in the template we use (a PNG file). Once I'm done putting in the text, I duplicated the entire shot with the text input 6 times, one for each topic of the on-screen graphic I created. After I began to switch between the duplicated shots is when the disappearing text began to occur. This was a pretty typical workflow when we build out our templates through Wirecast, so it was strange that suddenly the duplicated  text inputs weren't appearing.


    Please let me know if you need any more information, thanks!

  • Devin Sarvaunt To see if the issue is related to the custom font, the PNG or copying let's eliminate the variables.

    Do a test with only one of our prebuilt titles, the default font and then duplicate  the shot.

    There are several ways to duplicate a shot so that's critical information I need.

    You could Select All the elements in the Shot. Copy and then select Paste as New Consolidated Shot for example.


  • CraigS My apologies, in the original building of the template, I would create a single shot with the text elements in the shot. Then I would right-click the shot in the bottom half of the Wirecast pane, and select "Duplicate Shot", doing that over and over from the original shot until I have the 6 or so sets that I would need for each topic of the show.

    I just installed Wirecast 9 again, and attempted to duplicate one of the stock titles in the same manner, and it yields the same disappearing text results.


    Also, small side note, but it looks like "consolidated" is misspelled in the menu, both in your screenshot and on my WC program as well.

  • CraigS Here is a screenshot of the text elements when they are missing as opposed to when they are there. I know some layers in the screenshot are hidden, but that's intentional for our workflow. The layers that are not hidden still do not appear.

  • Devin Sarvaunt Please do test as per my instructions with just our template and default font and using "consoliated"

  • CraigS I just re-did the test using the Copy then Paste as Consolidated shot, duplicating the shot 7 times. After that, I clicked back through the shots that were created, and the text disappeared again on some of the duplicated shots. This was using the "Royal Title" stock title card in Wirecast 9, using the stock font that is on there, which I believe was Arial.

  • Devin Sarvaunt Thanks for testing. That confirms the issue by default.
    Fill out the form and include the steps to reproduce and link to the screenshots you just posted as examples. That it's only on some shots might indicate an intermittent issue that we missed.

    Wirecast Support Form

  • CraigS I just submitted a form for the issue. Thanks for the help!

  • Devin Sarvaunt You're welcome of course. And thanks for verifying this.

  • I too had the same issue, the text consistently, inconsistently disappears text wheather its old, new, or copied. At first use of 9, it showed up and i said to myself, just another not well tested wirecast upgrade and we are the testers. So frustrating. We also had an issue with the go button that defaulted to auto live swap which was very confusing. Oh well.  

  • Eric Kirkhuff We're working on fixes. Please test the public Beta of Wirecast 10 to see if this is fixed.

  • I have dealt with the "disappearing text" in Wirecast for a long time, but have finally decided to search and try to find an answer. I've recorded a desktop session to show my steps in recreating random results, meaning some text disappearing, and some will come back and some won't. It seems to occur when "saving". I first started noticing it when I would create a BACKUP file for the just-in-case moments, only to find out that both files would be screwed-up.

    • Mac Version: Catalina 10.15.1 (mid 2015)
    • 2.2 GHz Quad Core i7 with 16GB of RAM
    • Wirecast Version: 13.0.1

    I recorded a desktop session of me creating a single shot with two text boxes in it, and then right-clicking and duplicating the shot a few times. I also (unrecorded) tested the "Paste as Consolidated" method and it produced the same results.

    This is especially frustrating for me as I create about 20 "Name Overlays" and lots of "Hymn Verse Overlays". I've come in too many times on a Sunday morning only find out that I have to try to rebuild many of the shots, and hope they stick.

    I've had to start exporting transparent PNG files in Keynote and then import them into Wirecast, so I can depend on the text being there. Unfortunately, not a very fast process.

    This appears to be a long running issue, seeing threads back two to three years, but there are only a few threads about it. I'm hoping that there is a suggestion of methodology that can help, and eventually a bug fixed.

  • Jeff Widgren Thanks for that clear example. Please do fill out the previously posted  Support form and include a link to that video. I think it will clarify things for the developers.

  • CraigS I will do that. I continued to troubleshoot and found that this issue seems to be more about rendering than loosing data. When I save, close, and open the project, then witness the appearance of missing text, I can go through each shot and text object and force it to re-draw and it works. So, the data is not gone, but the lack of rendering is an issue. I recorded this exercise as well.

  • Jeff Widgren We need to figure out why we're having the rendering issue.

  • Has this been resolved? I'm a new customer having the same issue. I set up overlay text and countdown clock. I save everything.  Sunday AM, I have to re-do random elements that won't load in preview or live despite playing with text size/font/settings trying to 'clear' it. 

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  • This issue persists in the latest version. I'm experiencing dozens of cases on each session.

    I just upgraded from wirecast 4 and this is a really serious regression.

    I'm looking forward to get this fixed for real.


    -Osx, mbp 2013

    -The disappearing element is always text with system font.

    -it may happen to multiple shots at the same time when something triggers it.

    -fixing one text by tweaking parameters may break another shot. Not sure does it happen during fixing, or saving, or switching shots.

  • Charles , the video that I created with my original post showing this behavior was created on a Mac. Although, I still have a Mac, I have attempted to recreate this behavior (step-by-step as the initial video) on my PC with Wirecast, and can confirm that I can not recreate the behavior in Wirecast on my PC, running Wirecast version 13.1.1

    I will now be firing-up my Mac to see if this behavior can be recreated or not on the latest version of Wirecast. I will report my findings.

  • Charles Howes , I can now confirm that I'm able to recreate this random behavior of text elements that don't display. I went through the exact exercise on my Mac as I did with my PC. I cannot create the bad behavior on the PC, I can create it on my Mac.

    I will submit a ticket on this, and would recommend that You and Olavi submit a ticket as well. One thing I know is they don't gather feedback from Craig (the moderator) or scan these forums in order to create an item that needs to get fixed. If it's not a ticket, it's not going anywhere.

  • Jeff Widgren said:
    One thing I know is they don't gather feedback ... or scan these forums in order to create an item that needs to get fixed.

    And this is a constant topic of frustration. I've proposed alternatives to Telestream which would allow a structured method that is vastly superior to automatically link common issues, and link into their development workflow. Despite promises of a trial of this idea and some feedback on how this went, there has been no update.

  • Jeff Widgren The original issue reported under this thread over a year ago has been resolved, but there appears to be a text rendering issue. Thanks Jeff for all the testing on this. I have also confirmed this on Mac, and have written up a bug for it. As a side note, I have found that clicking on the boxes marked "width" and "height" at the top of the Source Properties panel provides an admittedly annoying, but effective workaround that causes the text to re-render. Thank you everyone for your input here. 

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  • lynn_elliott , thank you very much for your notice and follow-up to this issue.

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