Alpha Mask Blending

Still not seeing it in Wirecast since it's removal back in version 6

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  • Using your case number email and ask for a status update.

  • CraigS Case number #359341 by the way. It's my current oldest ticket in the system. I do plan on emailing back into the original chain but figured I'd throw it on the forum again for seeing if anybody else is interested in the feature being added back after 4 versions of being missing.

  • Perhaps others may be willing to add their support to bring up the request count for this.

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

  • Please vote for this feature request if you'd be interested in returning into Wirecast. Internal ref: WIRE-15707

  • This?
    Import Matte. Select Matte.

  • CraigS Wait... what the what?! When the heck was this brought back? I've had this ticket in for years! Sweet! Time to experiment!

  • Matthew Potter That was added back some time back. Long before Wirecast 12. it's probably in the release notes for one of the previous updates.

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