wirecast 8.3 crashed


I have installed wirecast 8.3 (last version). Also the last version of the blackmagic driver

when i add capture device > Intensity Pro 4K ......wirecast turn off

(See pictures)

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  • Thanks for those details. That helps.

    Immediately after the crash open Wirecast and go to Wirecast > Help > Send Support Information and Create Support Ticket and Send Report. That will give us the crash logs so we can spot the cause.

    Next go back to the same menu but this time click on the lower left Reset Preferences. That'll reset preferences. Since it's working in Blackmagic's Media Express it might just be corrupt preferences in Wirecast. Try that and see if that fixes it.

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  • I did it (Reset Preferences) but it's the same

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  • sa tev Did you send open the support ticket. That's mission critical so we can look at the logs and get back to you with our analysis.

    If you post your complete system info and anything else you have running at the time I may be able to make some suggestions. It may have nothing to do with the Intensity Pro.

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  • yes i send ticket.

    I add the screenshot of the system

    Thanks for such an operational response

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  • only wirecast is installed on this pc. and only wirecast is running

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  • sa tev Have you run Windows update and rebooted to make sure you're current?

    What happens if you access a webcam instead of the Intensity Pro? That will let us know if it's specific to the Intensity Pro.

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  • webcam is working usually... it's specific to the Intensity Pro

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  • I had the same issue when I bought a new Blackmagic Intensity 4k 2 weeks ago. I found that if you disable the audio or avstream parts of the driver you can get wirecast to stop crashing. I only use the card to get video from a computer so didn't need audio.

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  • hello, i disable the audio or avstream parts of the driver, but it's the same problem

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  • I just updated to the latest Blackmagic drivers a few minutes and It crashed until I disabled the AVStream and Audio drivers again. Did you try rebooting after disabling the driver. You could also try disabling the all parts of the black magic driver and you should be able to get into Wirecast again.

    I'm pretty sure it's something to do with that card because I took the card out of the computer to troubleshoot the issue Wirecast started working again. I disabled the device drivers and enabled them one by one till I replicated the crash.

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  • Disable one by one device drivers and then reboot pc, but It's the same

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  • CraigS 

    Is there any news about this problem?

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  • sa tev Since Tony found a solution there may be something specific to your config.

    As a test, create a New User Admin account. Reboot the computer. Log into the New Admin account and test. Since the account and Wirecast are using fresh settings that may point to a settings issue in the other account.

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  • Tony Report your troubleshooting and solution so we can test and document. Thanks for doing that.
    Wirecast Support Form

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  • CraigS 

    I installed wirecast a new fresh pc but the same problem was  

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  • also disable one by one device drivers

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  • sa tev said:
    I installed wirecast a new fresh pc but the same problem was  


    Do you mean a NEW PC with no other video or audio programs installed.?
    If it's just another PC that's been in use you may just be repeating the same problem.
    You should test as I instructed in a New User Admin account. That would be the same PC with new account settings.

    Which may mean it's driver related. What Blackmagic driver version are you using?
    Pending the driver version I may ask you to uninstall and roll back the BMD driver. 

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  • I created a new user but it did not help. That's why I took another computer and install it there again... clear windows only wirecast and Blackmagic driver (10.9.12) installed

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  • sa tev Try uninstalling 10.9.12, reboot, Install 10.9.11. reboot and test. BMD Capture Drivers

    Did this just recently stop working for you?

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  • I installed 10.9.11 but did not help...

    I used wirecast 7.2 a year ago... I have not worked since then on the wirecast

    I have installed it now and I can not solve this problem

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  • sa tev Try going back to driver 10.9.7 since that was probably available during Wirecast 7.

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