Masking tools in ScreenFlow feature request

I'm working on a new set of tutorials for creating advanced call outs, and have found the lack of good solid masking tools in ScreenFlow to be a real limitation.  In a future release would love to a new Masking tool set that:


1. allows users to create masks based on common primitive shapes: ellipse, rectangle, polygon


2. draw mask feature.  Draw using bezier curves a shape for the masks.


3. basic masking features: feather edge, opacity of mask, invert mask, apply stroke to mask, gradient masks (linear and radial), rotate mask


4. load b&w or greyscale image as masks.


Right now users can use the crop tool to create a basic mask, or overlay solid color in a compound clip and use the chroma key to kinda sorta make this work, but none of these are ideal solutions.  

Also, please fix the crop tool in the sidebar bug.  Currently you can enter quick crop mode on the canvas by holding down control, but if you use the sliders you can only crop in up to 400 pixels in a single direction. You can enter a value into the crop box and crop a side further than 400 pixels, but the slider should simply auto adjust it's values to the dimensions of the currently selected object.


Also, please enhance the basic call out tools in the never update to ScreenFlow. The current tools are quite limited.  Having even basic drawing functionality like in Keynote, to draw more types of primitive shapes, including bezier curves would be a really nice enhancement to the product.

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  • I certainly think they'd be very useful.

    LP  will document that for you.

    I'm not sure that's a bug in the crop so much as a current implementation that can be improved. I've seen a number of sliders in other programs that seem to work the same way. 

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  • CraigS thanks.  I agree it does seem to be the implementation, but from a user perspective, it's confusing and rather frustrating to when using the slider to crop, is like hitting a wall at a specific limit.  Makes it feel like a bug rather than a 'feature' :-).  Luckily the quick crop mode works great and its covered in my courses in the Canvas movie and then used throughout the course where appropriate. 

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  • Chris Mattia Perhaps a modifier to extend the range? 

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  • CraigS modifier key would work. Any chance of implementing click and drag on the number field as a way to quickly access the full range?  Many other apps work like this so users would likely adapt very quickly.

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  • Chris Mattia We can document the request. Do make specific suggestions and perhaps include a program that implements it the way you'd prefer as reference, although I can't promise how they might consider implementation.

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  • CraigS @ Chris Mattia Visuals would be helpful for documenting this request in the engineering database. 

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  • LP Specific to extending the "hard" limit of a slider. This from FCPX Crop tool. Once you read the end of the slider you can select the numeric area and drag up to continue increasing (and back down to decrease). 


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  • LP FCPx Draw Mask and Shape Mask tools. And in Shape Mask the outer edge controls feathering.


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  • Perfect. Thanks!

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  • LP You're welcome of course.

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  • +1 for all four of Chris’ requests in his original post.

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  • Neil Barman the more requests the greater potential impact on development priority.

    The developers love use case examples so do post how you might use the feature in a typical workflow even if it seems obvious.

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  • I couldn't agree more on getting masking capabilities into Screenflow !

    These are needed !

    Also, add freeform curves mask & multi-point polynomial (many points) mask, in addition to the others mentioned in the original post.

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  • Bill Adelstein Thanks for the additional details on masking. The Draw Mask Tool I exemplify in my GIF has those features (I didn't show all of them for the sake of brevity).

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  • Yeah Craig,

    But that gif isn't ScreenFlow, so hopefully you were just showing those capabilities & those will be added soon to ScreenFlow.  

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  • Bill Adelstein Yes I was demoing the way the feature could work so the developers can have a reference. 

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