100%cpu with High Sierra

I just tried to record a test of rendezvous with newly installed Mac OS High Sierra for my macBook. My cpu usage is thru the roof. sys is running at 95-100% (no other pgms running) and app is at 69%. I reduced the record to 720P 2000kbs. No help.

Did not have high CPU problem with MacOS Sierra.  Suggestions? 

  • OS 10.13 (17A405
  • Wirecast Version 8.0.0 (32276)     
  • Computer Model and CPU type MacBook pro 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5
  • Input sources of the video/audio and type of connection used including:
        i-sight camera, internal mic and rendezvous input
  • Wirecast preference settings - 30fps live icons on
  • Wirecast Canvas size 1280x720
  • Streaming and Recording encoder settings default 720 30fps (4000) x.264 H.264
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  • Rendezvous can be resource intensive in some situations and the i5 CPU may be stressed. I'd need more details to help further. Year and number of cores in your MBP. More details about your Rendezvous session. Also you'd probably want to use Apple H.264 instead of x264 as an encoder. If you're only recording Apple ProRes is best for low CPU use.

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  • CraigS 

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  • CraigS 

    MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015)

     Model Name:    MacBook Pro
      Model Identifier:    MacBookPro12,1
      Processor Name:    Intel Core i5
      Processor Speed:    2.7 GHz
      Number of Processors:    1
      Total Number of Cores:    2
      L2 Cache (per Core):    256 KB
      L3 Cache:    3 MB
      Memory:    8 GB
      Boot ROM Version:    MBP121.0171.B00
      SMC Version (system):    2.28f7
      Serial Number (system):    C02PK7F4FVH5
      Hardware UUID:    9CB0E96A-7AFD-51C0-BC45-35AB187971D1

    I just tried the same setup using the FaceTime camera on two layers to simulate the rendezvous session. Even when using the default apple 720 30fps H264 (4000) the app = 35 to 45 % and the sys = 68 to 95%. lots of dropped frames  even with no motion in the picture. bit rate is jumping all over the place. 2600kbs to 4816kbs. 

    Loading the same .wcst file into wirecast 7.7 

    = No fan noise. app CPU 18 to 24%, system CPU 36 to 57% very low dropped frames and more consistent bit rate 3700 to 4200kbs. 

    Seems the FaceTime camera input in 8.0.0  is causing the problem on my macBook?????

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  • Reset Preferences in Wirecast 8. Wirecast > Help > Send Support Information but click on lower left Reset Preferences.

    Create a document with just one Facetime camera in Wirecast 8 and use the settings you mentioned. Take a screenshot so I can see the Wirecast Status Settings at the top.

    Then do the same in Wirecast 7.7 and take a similar screenshot and post them here.

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  • I'm using a different laptop 2013 15" MBP Retina Quad i7 on 10.12.6 but...

    Wirecast 8 using 720p30 4Mbps Apple H.264 recording to system drive CPU 9%

    Wirecast 7.7 with custom 720p30 4Mbps Apple H.264 (as there is only 3Mbps preset) recording to system drive CPU 8% 


    No significant difference.

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  • Here are the results with one FaceTime camera input, with and without the Royal Two Box title overlay. % varies all over the place. 

    Note: title overlay was not on a layer when doing the w/o test


    Wirecast 8.0  w/o title sys = 30-40%     pgm = 12-15%

                              w/title sys = 50-75+%    pgm = 12-35 %

    Wirecast 7.7 w/o title sys = 19-25%      pgm  = 9-10%

                              w/title sys = 25-30%      pgm = 10-15%

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  • Jim Heck  What are your encode settings? That's the most important thing. Also check whether both have the same Live Icons settings in Wirecast Preferences.

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  • I tried at half this bit rate. No Help... I upgraded to Mac OS High Sierra and can't go back to Mac OS Sierra to see if that would help. Could this be a High Sierra/ wirecast 8 problem???

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  • Jim Heck Thanks for posting the screenshot but I'm not sure what it exemplifies. The preset is the default 4Mbps and the Bitrate at the bottom confirms that.

    Can you post the settings you used, the actual encoder settings not just the name?
    Also post a screen shot of CPU in Activity Monitor. That would give me confirmation regarding overall behavior in the system and OS related activity.
    Also please confirm that you Reset Preferences as per my previous request.

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  • CraigS  I have done everything you requested and still just more questions. Its obvious I am running around in circles with you and getting no where. 

    I have provided all the info you asked for and tried all the different settings requested in an effort to provide you with enough info to troubleshoot this problem of excessive CPU when using wirecast 8 on my MacBook pro running the latest mac os HIGH SIERRA.  Now its up Telestream to take this info and come up with an explanation and solution to whats going on. If you have no explanation or solution or do not want to pursue this further please just say so and I will drop off this thread and take this matter up directly with the Telestream wirecast team.

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  • Jim Heck They will likely ask you the same questions. Wirecast measures the entire system CPU use so Activity Monitor will show that.

    Wirecast Support Form

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