The ability to change playback speed in the video editor

I would love to have an option to change default playback speed in the ScreenFlow editor (not the speed of exported videos). I mean I wish I had an opportunity to see videos that I edit with increased speed 

The current option of changing a speed of videos in clip inspector doesn't suit me because If I cut those videos on many pieces (when I changed their speed) I can't revert their speed to 100% easily: I need to choose them one by one, change speed and adjust videos position on a timeline. 

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  • That's an interesting idea.

    Can you describe a workflow scenario and how you would use this? These descriptions are important when our developers examine feature requests. I can see a variety of ways this might work so it would be good to hear how you'd like it to work.

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  • So I make tutorial videos for my students. They last 20-40-60 minutes. And when I edit them I would like to be able to watch them with increased speed to find moments that I need to delete. 

    BTW: some solutions explained on camtasia forum:

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  • Uvarov Maxim It sounds like what you're looking for is a "shuttle" function so you can play clips at high speed for editing. That would be different than a speed change. Your follow up seems to clarify what you're looking for.
    Others have requested something like that as well.

    LP can document that for you.

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  • CraigS Request documented in engineering database. 

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  • LP Thanks for that.

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  • +1 for this request. It's been requested before. ;) Shuttling though with increased audio clarity would significantly accelerate my workflow. Watching myself back in real time or only 2x, is painfully slow. (L) on the keyboard would be 2x, 4x, 8x, speed while still being able to monitor audio.  

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  • K Roy We're certainly listening to this.

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  • Another vote for this.

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  • Barbara Phillips Do fill out the form so we can keep track of each Feature Request individually. The number of requests can impact development priority.


    ScreenFlow Feature Request Form

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  • +1

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  • Scott Martineau Do fill out the feature request form. The developers count those when determining feature priority.

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  • BTW you can now do this with JKL keys in ScreenFlow. The L key can speed up playback, depending on the number of times you depress it (as K Roy requested above).

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