The ability to change playback speed in the video editor

I would love to have an option to change default playback speed in the ScreenFlow editor (not the speed of exported videos). I mean I wish I had an opportunity to see videos that I edit with increased speed 

The current option of changing a speed of videos in clip inspector doesn't suit me because If I cut those videos on many pieces (when I changed their speed) I can't revert their speed to 100% easily: I need to choose them one by one, change speed and adjust videos position on a timeline. 

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  • That's an interesting idea.

    Can you describe a workflow scenario and how you would use this? These descriptions are important when our developers examine feature requests. I can see a variety of ways this might work so it would be good to hear how you'd like it to work.

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  • So I make tutorial videos for my students. They last 20-40-60 minutes. And when I edit them I would like to be able to watch them with increased speed to find moments that I need to delete. 

    BTW: some solutions explained on camtasia forum:

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  • Uvarov Maxim It sounds like what you're looking for is a "shuttle" function so you can play clips at high speed for editing. That would be different than a speed change. Your follow up seems to clarify what you're looking for.
    Others have requested something like that as well.

    LP can document that for you.

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  • CraigS Request documented in engineering database. 

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  • LP Thanks for that.

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