Deeper default push/transition options

For years  until a release in SF 6.1 the default push transition was "wrong" left->right actually went right->left. This has been "fixed" but it's now driving me crazy, I want my old transition default direction back! 

If you won't set the default direction to align with the movement people have been used to for years, can you please let me select other directions as my defaults? It has added an incredible amount of friction to my editing process. What used to "just work" is now 5 clicks per transition, per clip. Every. Time.

It'd be great if either "favorites" respected the specific transition options when they're favorited. Or if there were more options represented in the "defaults" section of the preferences.

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  • I agree 100%. The right to left direction as the default made a lot more sense. The "bug fix" should have changed the default nomenclature to "Right to left" to match the behavior rather than switching the behavior to match the "Left to right" nomenclature.

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  • Please do make the feature request.

    LP  will document it for you.

  • Thanks Craig! Not sure exactly what that means but I guess here's the request boiled down:

    Please make default push transition right to left. 🙂

  • Andy Orsow Thanks for stating it directly.

  • CraigS Request documented in engineering database.

  • LP Thanks for that.

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