Desktop Presenter reverts back to small size in wirecast when saved show is reopened

I have Wirecast Studio 7.2 and I am using Desktop presenter to send my ProPresenter Screen from another computer. I have a couple presets saved in wirecast that uses the desktop presenter but even when I save the wirecast show file with the sizes set in the properties window, the next time I open that show desktop presenter is tiny on the screen even though the properties haven't changed. I have to highlight the percentage for the scale and just hit enter resulting in desktop presenter reverting back to what I saved before. Thoughts of why it's doing this? Thanks!

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  • You don't mention the Desktop Presenter version. It was updated to 2.0.8 so please update and test again. Also always start the app being grabbed and Desktop Presenter before starting Wirecast otherwise it may not detect it.

  • Yes I am running 2.0.8 and yes I do make sure that desktop presenter is running before opening wirecast. I am sending a 1080p signal from the pro presenter computer and when I highlight the x or y scale which is already at 100% and then hit enter it corrects the source in the inspector window. I have attached a couple screen shots of before and after I hit enter on the scale. 

  • Interesting. Fill out the form and link to this forum thread so the engineer can see you examples.

    Wirecast Support Form

  • Same issue over here .

  • Irvin Cee Do report it of course.

  • I was about to start a new topic about this, but I am having the same issue with my Wirecast Gear unit running version 7.2 of Wirecast and version 2.0.8 of the Desktop Presenter. I just filled out one of the wirecast support forms for the engineer.


  • I contacted support and they told me that their engineers know this is a problem in 7.2 and will be fixing the issue in the next release. They told me to downgrade to 7.1 for the meantime so I don't have problem. 

    You can download a copy here: http://www.telestream.net/download-files/wirecast/7-1/Wirecast-7.1.dmg

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  • When you can, do confirm that 7.1 resolves the issue. This can help the engineer track down where in the code this happens.

  • I've had this problem in 7.1, 7.2 and now 7.3 om a PC. I don't know what the previous Desktop Presenter version was but I am now using the latest 2.0.8 on a Mac.


    I have Wirecast set to open  the last document. If I remove this setting and select the document in the "Welcome Screen" I get the same result. If I continue with a new document then select it from the file menu I get the same result.


    With 7.2 I could start with a blank document then open my saved settings and the desktop presenter feed would be good. With 7.3 this no longer works and the desktop presenter is very small.


    I reset the Desktop Presenter size by selecting the Shot Layers settings, right clicking the Desktop Presenter, replacing it with a Remote Desktop Presenter and then selecting the same desktop presenter. I can save this but it is back to the small size when I reopen the document.

  • Jeff Johnson I believe just clicking on it in the design view resets it instantly back to original size.

  • Jeff Johnson If you feel the original issue in this post hasn't been fixed, please fill out the support form I posted previously and point to this thread.

  • I have been experiencing this problem since version 4 and on every single version.

    I have to resize my cameras, my web shots, and my DPs every single time I open the application. I just see it as show prep time now.

  • Adam Blainey If you can verify the issue in Wirecast 7.3 than please do submit the support form. If you have been experiencing it since version 4 I'd hope you submitted one at that time. The developers consider the number of reports when prioritizing issues (and features). If you've already submitted the form, use the case number you received and let them know the issue hasn't been fixed.

  • I reported the issue to the old forums a year or more ago. Like I said, I just live with it as part of show prep time. All you have to do is select the layer, then click on the adjustment settings tab and type in scale again, e.g.: if a shot is set at 50%, you just click in to the field and type in 50, hit tab and the shot returns to the proper setting.

    I find it impossible to believe the devs are not aware of the issue. One would think using the software every day and having various set ups it would be painfully obvious.

  • Adam Blainey When there's an update or version upgrade you should respond with your case number that the issue is not fixed.

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