Need to Keep Static Shot Icons WC 11

I'm running the latest version of Wirecast 11 Pro on a Windows 10 Pro PC.

I have 3 PTZOptics Cameras with 27 pre setup PTZ control shots on layer 4. The live icons is turned off in preferences and the issue is I can setup my shot icons save the document and then reopen and all the shot icons update when you first open the document so I then have to call all 27 preset shots and refresh the shot icon before a show, this is taking a lot of time. It would be nice if there was a way to set a static image for each shot. I did see that someone else posted something similar for a previous version and your moderator Craig said it was fixed in version 8... It appears that to me that it's only partially fixed as it only keeps the shot icon state per session and not per document.

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  • Yes it's only per session. It has to recommunicate with the cameras when you open. It's not clear what behavior you want but you'd want icons to match the current circumstance. It could very well create confusion if it called up previously saved state if the cameras may have moved.

  • CraigS what I'm looking for is an option to set a static image for a shot, think screen shot. So when I create PTZ control shots that are duplicated from a primary Camera source it will the shot icon will be an example of what the PTZ shot will be. 

  • CraigS  To clarify a little better. What I do is I setup a basic shot that I only use to send to the multi viewer that shows me the the live feed from the cameras. I then duplicate that shot multiple times each with PTZ preset recalls setup. I have live icons turned off. What I need is for the icons for the ptz control shots to show me an example of what the shot will be. So if I have PTZ camera 1 and a PTZ shot for CAM 1 PTZ recall shot 1 the icon image will what the image looked like when I recall that preset. I can do this right now by calling every single shot and right clicking and doing a refresh icon but this is time consuming not user friendly for my other operators. I can see not wanting this on all shots but it would be nice if you could set a static image on certain shots. It could be something like a right click option that says set static icon image and once you do this that icon image doesn't update unless the user does a refresh or a clear static icon. The static images could be stored in user app data and do a linked reference to them in the xml config (document) documentation.

    I'm attaching screen shots of examples of the issue. The first one shows on layer 4 (orange) the way I want the icons to look when I open this document. The second one shows what they actually look like before I recall and refresh all of the shots when opening the document. Ignore the fact that the second one all of the shots are dark, the capture was taken when the lights were turned off. Layer 3 is where I have my primary camera shots and other items that go over the ptz recall shots. I don't use the primary camera shots, they're their strictly so I can put them on the multi-viewer and as a emergency back up if I quickly need to switch to another camera and not worry about ptz recall.

  • Kevin Amos Schmuhl Please do fill out the form and make the feature request as you've provided significant details so the developers can understand your needs. The developers may need to evaluate how many people have similar workflows and needs to determine the priority though. 

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

  • CraigS  feature request submitted #00631683

  • Kevin Amos Schmuhl Thanks for doing that. The developers do listen.

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