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It is an interesting feature that I am asking for, but one that will prevent some serious problems. I got banned from streaming to Youtube. What for you might ask? I put the Wirecast test pattern to air instead of my live content. I forgot to press the button to take my shot live. I ended up talking for 2 minutes, with no content going to air.

When I saw the video on replay, I deleted the video. A little while later, someone complained, and I got a Community strike, which disables streaming. However, you are not able to appeal the strike if you have already deleted the video. End result: I am banned from streaming for 3 months.

So. How do we prevent this in Wirecast? If your live shot is sharing a test pattern or a black screen only when you try to activate streaming, it would be helpful to send a warning to the operator. Really simple to code, and it will prevent someone else from getting banned.

Side topic: If anyone knows some people at youtube and would be willing to approach them, this would be greatly appreciated. I've tried via the support form, forums, phone to Australia office, phone to USA office, twitter, and lots more... but they are not interested in listening to or supporting small creators.

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  • Truly odd that YouTube would ban you for a test pattern. I can't believe that violates any terms of service. I sometimes start the stream with Wirecast Live Broadcast Area empty and its never created a problem. I can't even imagine what the complaint would consist of. 

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  • CraigS 

    Copy of a video I made just after getting banned attached. I never thought the wirecast message "Live Broadcast Area - This area represents application output" would get me banned from streaming either... but it happened, and I am still fighting. I tried to open a new account, but that was blocked also since it was the same mobile as the banned channel. Really frustrating. Anyone have youtube contacts here?

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  • Greg Kuhnert Have you tried Creator Support?
    Also post in their forum.

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    1. Creator support not available - unless you are a partner. I'm a new youtuber, so not big enough
    2. Sent feedback form - no reply.
    3. Posted to forum. No reply from YT staff.
    4. Tweeted - No response.
    5. Called AU office - they cannot help.
    6. Called USA office - They can't help.

    Any other ideas?

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  • Greg Kuhnert said:
    Posted to forum. No reply from YT staff.

     Any other sympathetic users who may have gone through this?
    It's odd given there's really no community infraction by streaming a logo.

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  • Well, I am still blocked from streaming... and youtube staff have failed to respond. I am frustrated to the point where I have invested in capital based on the youtube service description and terms of service. I have not breached the terms of service, yet I am blocked from using the service.

    What other options could anyone suggest other than taking them to court? (And I am considering that as well). I've got better things to do with my time to be honest, but I don't know what else to do to get a fair hearing.

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  • Greg Kuhnert have you tried setting up another account as an end run around this? Then add the channel to your current account?

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  • Message from youtube below. The accounts that have been added is me as an individual, plus one other channel that I had created called "Streaming Struggles" which was intended to be a blow by blow set of experiences and things I've learned while trying to setup my primary channel.... but I have been distracted by the whole youtube ban... I can get a "burner" sim card for $2 and that might solve this, but I am just disappointed in YouTube's lack of response, and lack of appeal process. After registering with a $2 sim, will they later use that sim for subsequent authentication? I dont know.

    555-1234 has been associated with too many accounts. Only two accounts can be verified per phone number, per year. Please enter a different phone number.

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  • Greg Kuhnert They do make things difficult. Don't they? 😡

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