Video playback in wirecast is upside down

I have a few videos that were recorded with an iPad.  When I play the videos on my Windows 10 PC, everything is good.  When I add them to Wirecast, they appear upside down.  Researching this, it appears that there is an issue with the Codec.  I converted the files from .MOV to .MP4.  When I play them in VLC, everything is good.  I added the .MP4 video to Wirecast and they are still upside down.  Thoughts?

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  • That might be caused by the orientation of the device that took the video. Wirecast may not recognize the metadata flag. Go into Shot Layer Properties and change Z rotation to 180°

    You may want to make a Feature Request that we recognize the flag.
    Wirecast Feature Request Form

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  • CraigS 

    Thank you for your assistance.  I might be looking in the wrong place, but is that a 'premium' feature?  Due to budgetary constraints, my elementary school uses the free version for morning announcements.  I looked for the shot layer and they are all labeled STU.  Are there any other suggestions you can make, short of re-filming these 4 videos?

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  • Wirecast Studio which is our standard version. They're not in the free/$10 Wirecast Play.

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  • Cooperjb If you're using the free or $10 version of Wirecast Play those shot editing features don't exist. Sorry.

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  • Cooperjb said:
    Are there any other suggestions you can make, short of re-filming these 4 videos

    On Mac? Perhaps try re-encoding them Right Click on the clip on your desktop and select Services > Encode Selected Video Files. 
    You can try rotating them in iMovie as well and then exporting them.
    Otherwise there may be a Windows program that can rotate and export.

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