Export dialog improvements

Can we get a normal "Finder Save As" dialog box for picking the location when exporting?  

Every other application that allows saving shows a dialog box like this: 

Nice and easy to see the location AND I can specify the name that I'm saving to from a single window. 

Screenflow devs decided to split it into 2 steps, by offers us a dropdown menu where we can choose the folder we get to save to, and a separate text field where we enter the filename. 


It's a small thing that slows down efficiency.  It's an annoyance that you split up the process of saving into 2 steps (name the file, pick the folder), especially when Apple gives you a real easy tool to create those kinds of dialog boxes here: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/appkit/nssavepanel?language=objc

If I'm not paying attention when I'm exporting, I'll type the name I want, and hit the export button, not realizing that I forgot to pick a location, so who knows where my file is being exported to.  I gotta press "cancel" and go through the export dialog again and remember to pick a location. 

A nice solution would be:

Save As: (Browse...) <- this is a TextButton with title set to "Browse" that spawns a NSSavePanel to appear

Location: /Volume/4TB External/RenderedVideos/Episode10.mp4 <- this is an uneditable NSTextField that displays the path chosen by the user after clicking the Browse button. https://developer.apple.com/documentation/appkit/nstextfield?language=objc

I honestly don't understand why the developers separated the process of saving a file into two steps ( 1) specify the name, 2) specify the location in a separate dialog box) when Apple gave you a means to do both steps with a single window.

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  • Certainly fill out the form and make the feature request and include the information you posted.

    ScreenFlow Feature Request Form

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  • An example of a program that behaves as you like I believe. You may want to link to it so the developers understand.

    Select File > Export
    Box opens allowing user to adjust settings
    Click on Export allows one to change destination if desired.


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  • CraigS  yeah, that's exactly what Screenflow should do when we press the export button!  just send them that gif as an explanation

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  • Charles Schiermeyer yes I thought it might be good to show an example of programing working as you describe. If you get a reference number back from your request form post it so I can track and add to it.

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  • CraigS  it's odd that the procedure for requesting bugs requires first a forum post, then a comment by you guys to visit a link to make the request, and then if we get a reference number about our request, to share it on the forum.    Just have the devs visit and read the Feature Request forum!

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  • Charles Schiermeyer We tried having someone read the forum and log the requests but it took much longer that way. The forum gives us vital information if we need to get back to the person making the request for clarification. We are looking at improving the Request Form experience though.

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