Sometimes no audio track with Zoom H4n Pro

I hope anybody can help me. 

Is there a known issue with macOS Mojave + Zoom H4n Pro + ScreenFlow?

Many times it happens that at the end of the recording there is no audio track. It's like random.

I am using the Zoom H4n Pro with the USB connection.

Thanks for any help.

best, Pascal

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  • Dear telestream, 

    I really need your help. Now it's not recording any audio anymore (built in micro, H4n, etc.) I tried to unstinall the new audio driver, installed the old 7.2 version. Still the same issue. We cannot record and produce new tutorials anymore. I always just get a video track, that's it. Please help!

    best, Pascal

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  • Pascal Heimlicher We don't officially support beta operating systems because, until they reach gold master, Apple themselves may fix issues. You certainly wouldn't want to use anything less that ScreenFlow 7.3.1 and that too may need an update when the time comes.  You may want to test with Quicktime Player to record the Zoom H4n to see if there's an OS compatibility issue.

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  • CraigS CraigS I tried Screenflow Version 8 today. Still the same with MacOS Mojave. Cannot capture my webcam and audio anymore. I always just get 1 track nothing more. Any solution for us? Is there any Screenflow alternative until this is fixed? We have to record on Mojave.

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  • Pascal Heimlicher

    Hi Pascal. I was able to record both my camera and microphone on Mojave. In macOS 10.14, Apple is requiring user permission for applications to access the camera and microphone (similar to iOS). It may be that ScreenFlow 8 is not prompting you to access the camera and microphone. Please open System Preferences and navigate to Security & Privacy. Select 'Privacy' then scroll down to Camera and make sure that both ScreenFlow and ScreenFlow Helper have access to the Camera. Do the same for Microphone. 

    Let me know if this does not solve your issue and we'll continue to diagnose. 

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  • At the beginning it was possible maybe 1 or 2 times and then not anymore. Very strange. The behaviour now is like this: before the recording starts in the popup everything looks good: I see the external microphone and the Logitech webcam working fine. Then when the recording starts immediately the camera and the microphone switches off and at the end after the recording I just have 1 track with my recorded screen. All Security & Privacy settings are fine. I installed the trial from ScreenFlow 8, still the same problems. I installed the trial from Camtasia 2018, everything works fine. Thats annoying cause I want to stay with Screenflow. I really love your software. I moved from TechSmith to Telestream cause I loved the workflow from ScreenFlow so much. And now after many years I have to switch back? There must be a workaround for macOS mojave, cause the release date of mojave is in 1 month. Btw. I also de-installed and installed everything,...also the audio recording.

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  • Ok I decided to stay with ScreenFlow. So I will spend some days to downgrade the mac to HighSierra and reinstall everything. 

    The only really bad thing I realized is: I am a ScreenFlow User since many years. But i bought it on the AppStore. So now I couldn’t upgrade to version 8 and had to pay the full price again. That means for me: Never ever buy something in the AppStore. Its for nothing. no licence keys, no upgrades, no support. 

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  • Pascal Heimlicher Sometimes we have a short App Store sale period when we release a new version. App Store allows multiple simultaneous installs if you own several computers. Of course each has advantages and disadvantages and, as you note, upgrade from our web store has flexibility.

    When testing a beta OS it's good to either partition the drive or have a separate boot drive. That allows you to move back and forth as needed and event test and compare to see if there are issues specific to the beta OS. Keep in mind that with a beta OS sometimes fixes by Apple resolves issues. When you get Release Candidate or Gold Master OS and there's still an issue that would be very important to note.

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  • Pascal Heimlicher

    Rest assured we will support ScreenFlow 8 on macOS Mojave when it's officially released. We're currently doing testing against it and they've made some changes to the way that microphones and cameras can be accessed. 

    As Craig noted, it's good practice to create a new partition on your drive and install the beta OS there. That's what we do.

    Support may be able to help you upgrade from the app store to the Telestream version if you submit a support inquiry.

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