ASIO Problem Wirecast 10 & 10.1


I have a strange problem. We are using the Soundcraft MTK 12 USB Mixer. With Wirecast 9 we were using this Mixer with ASIO and had no problems. In wirecast 10 & 10.1 the ASIO Channels are getting messed up.


1. Just one mic plugged in on channel 1 in the mixer. Connected with Asio in Wirecast

Wirecast 9:
- the input from the mic is just on channel 1 as it should be.


Wircast 10 & 10.1:
- the mic appears on different channels. It switches everytime. The mic appears sometimes on Channel 1, then channel 3, then 4... 

I already checked the Mixer on different softwares and everthing is working fine. My only solution with wirecast is to revert back to version 9.

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  • Try Reseting Preferences in Wirecast 10.1 and then reboot the computer. Wirecast>Help>Send Support Information and lower left Reset Preferences button.

    Let me know how that goes.

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  • Hi Craig, today I teste Wirecast 10.1 on 2 Different computers with the same Soundcraft mtk12 mixing Board. I reseted the preferences on both machines. And the Problem still exists. Wirh Wirecast 9 everything works on both computers 10 and 10.1 isn't working. 


    So when I use the Soundcraft Asio in wirecast everything seems to be working but after a Minute or so the Mic changes the Channel by its elf and that happens quite often. 

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  • Hi,

    the problem still persists. Does anyone have the same mixer (Soundcraft MTK 12) and can see if Asio works?


    Best regards

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  • Michel Lange : How many input channels does this device have that are showing up in Wirecast?

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  • Hi Simon,

    This is the Mixer:




    High-Performance 12-input small format analogue mixer with onboard effects and multi-track USB recording and playback
    14-in/12-out ultra-low latency USB playback and recording interface*
    Iconic Soundcraft® Ghost mic preamps with ultra-low noise performance
    Renowned Soundcraft® Sapphyre British EQ with sweepable mid-bands per channel
    Lexicon® Effects Engine featuring award-winning Reverbs, Delays, Choruses and Modulations
    dbx® Limiters (High-ratio Compressors) on input channels
    Switchable Hi-Z inputs for guitars, basses and other instruments
    Hi-Pass Filters (low-cut) and 48V Phantom Power on all mic channels
    Comprehensive Soundcraft® GB series audio routing with Auxes (flexible pre/post switching) and subgroups with switching and dedicated outputs
    Smooth premium-quality faders
    Robust metal construction for tour-grade build quality and reliability
    Internal universal power supply
    * USB Interface Compatibility:
    PC: Supports Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
    Mac: Supports Mac OS 10.7.x Lion through 10.11.x El Capitan


    Wircast 9 is working without any problems.


    THx for your resonce

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  • Michel Lange I believe this is now resolved in Wirecast 11.  We have a public beta available if you're interested in testing.

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  • I will check it tommorow in the office. Don't have the mixer at home. Will the Beta be installed over the 10.1 version? And if, is it easy to go back to 10.1?

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  • I use a Behringer XR18 without issues. It offers a similar set of features. 

    You can just install V11 over 10.

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