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Hello there,

I have been working on projects for a while but It came to when someone in my video didn't want their face to be publicised.

Screenflow is my favourite software I have ever gotten for my mac, and I know a lot of people hate having to go in Frame by Frame by Frame moving each pixel to blur out plates or faces, I really think that the Screenflow team should put together a function that can allow you to select something like a specific pixel and follow that pixel, you should also be able to add a gaussian blur and up or lower the radius depending on blur or track size.

If you think that this is a Feature you will enjoy support my idea.

Thanks JP

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    Certainly fill out the form and make the request and others can certainly do likewise and more requests can impact development decisions.

    ScreenFlow Feature Request Form

  • +1 to this. I frequently find myself needing to blur out areas of the screen recording that may be scrolling or the window is being moved around. It would be great if you could track a section a pixels and attach that tracking data to a shape or blurred rectangle callout, for example.

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