Wirecast 10 released July 31, 2018

  • updated 4 yrs ago

Link to PDF Release Notes


10.0 – New Features

NEW –  Facebook Crossposting

  • Ability to Crosspost to Pages with an approved relationship established through the Settings on your Facebook Page
  • Crosspost options for Wirecast are found in the Output Settings


NEW –  Facebook Live Streaming with New Facebook API

ï      Create and maintain functionality with Facebook Live API 3.0 for deprecated live streaming functionality for Pages, Profiles and Groups (Wirecast 9 will work only to Pages; Groups and Profiles will no longer be able to live stream to Facebook Live, this includes setting Place); custom RTMP output settings will continue to work.

  • KNOWN ISSUE: Places tagging currently does not work in Wirecast 10 with the new 3.0 API. This is scheduled to be fixed in the next release.

ï     Events live stream posting has been permanently deprecated by Facebook


NEW –  Wirecast Restream & Wirecast Live Captions **TECHNICAL PREVIEW**

  • New cloud-based features for restreaming a single live stream to Telestream Cloud and on to several destinations
  • Ability to add live transcription closed captions to any live stream
  • Restream and Live Captions will be in a Technical Preview in Wirecast 10.0; use of the features in trial mode (5,000 minutes trial usage) and feedback to the Wirecast team are highly encouraged


NEW –  Microsoft Stream Live Destination

  • Adding new Microsoft Stream Live destination in Output Settings


10.0 – Improvements

  • Improvement – Always restore previously selected folder when adding media files
  • Improvement – Add Pro Badge to PTZ Preset Recall in Shot Layer Properties
  • Improvement – PTZ:  add mechanism to prevent preset recall when selecting shots
  • Improvement – Indicate Streaming Status in the Taskbar Icon
  • Improvement – Add Recent, Frequent, Open Empty Document and Open Support Assistant to the Windows Taskbar right-click icon on Windows
  • Improvement – XKeys Controller:  Color the Title bar of shots to match the color of XKeys Controller
  • Improvement – Add option to color the title bar of every shot on each master layer in the preferences
  • Improvement – Add System Output to audio output devices on macOS
  • Improvement – Update NDI SDK to v3.5
  • Improvement – Add menu access for OLE scripting API
  • Improvement – 48 KHZ audio option for RTP encoder
  • Improvement – Render audio internally at 48 khz
  • Improvement – Add support for playback of CineFormHD files, including Alpha support
  • Improvement – Move 'Favorites' and 'All' to the top of the add source UI
  • Improvement – Remove ISO button from UI when License level is not Pro


10.0 – Fixes

  • Fixed – Crash when clicking on the context menu of a shot that contains a '[no media]' layer
  • Fixed – No audio input after closing and reopening document
  • Fixed – Wirecast shows up as "Wirecast Application" in the Windows system Volume Mixer control panel
  • Fixed – New text in languages localized as non-ascii does not appear correctly when creating new text shots
  • Fixed – Unable to send shots live after adding video files on macOS
  • Fixed – Open recent file structure is not maintained
  • Fixed – Distorted video with certain Direct Show devices (Logitech and Magewell) on Windows 7
  • Fixed – After upgrading Wirecast, Blackmagic capture cards no longer detect video
  • Fixed – Fatal error with clock or scoreboard shots
  • Fixed – Clock date not localized
  • Fixed – Starting an iOS device can hang Wirecast for up to a minute on macOS High Sierra
  • Fixed – Clicking on the context menu of a disconnected RDP source will hang the app for 4-8 seconds
  • Fixed – Replay+ISO menu names are cutoff in Czech and Dutch
  • Fixed – Unplugging an iOS device will disable video and audio rendering of existing A/V capture sources on macOS
  • Fixed – Cannot change selection from one layer to another in Preview Editing if it overlaps another layer
  • Fixed – Disable system beep when hitting 'Enter' in text entry fields
  • Fixed – PTZ preset recall does not work when there are multiple PTZ presets within the same shot
  • Fixed – Adding an existing Source SDK instance as a new shot/layer will create a new empty instance instead
  • Fixed – WASAPI capture does not work for mono sources (Logitech G930)
  • Fixed – Windows do not maximize with multiple monitors
  • Fixed – Text flickers when switching shots
  • Fixed – Enabling VoiceOver causes a crash when starting an NDI Output
  • Fixed – Solid color shot palette hides hex code
  • Fixed – Animated GIFs are causing performance issues on Windows
  • Fixed – Animated GIFs with transparency are stacking frames until looped
  • Fixed – Teradek StreamReader Plugin Properties Tab has broken UI
  • Fixed – Incorrect font and spacing for buttons on macOS
  • Fixed – Wirecast will use network bandwidth when there are ONVIF IP Cameras on the network even if not added to document
  • Fixed – Unable to publish to Facebook Groups
  • Fixed – Master layer visibility not applied correctly when loading documents
  • Fixed – Rendezvous dashboard window chrome looks out of place with document and other adjunct windows
  • Fixed – Remove "The Cube" destination
  • Fixed – New Text in languages localized as non-ascii does not appear correctly when creating new text shots
  • Fixed – Facebook: Not allowed to select a sponsor
  • Fixed – AJA capture devices are not being filtered from the System Device list on Mac
  • Fixed – Newly Added Sources Don't Always Scale to Fit Properly
  • Fixed – After 10 min an NDI thread starts using a lot of CPU when connected to a source
  • Fixed – Labels in the title selection window are unreadable unless highlighted
  • Fixed – Facebook: Maintain line breaks after restart
  • Fixed – Facebook: Remove support for events
  • Fixed – Convert encoding templates from 44.1 to 48 kHz audio (Default, Facebook Live and YouTube)
  • Fixed – Changing layer order for duplicated shots causes smooth transition to crossfade instead of interpolate
  • Fixed – Windows System Audio Capture should not be running all the time
  • Fixed – Several labels are truncated in PTZ controller menu in localized languages
  • Fixed – No sound when Blackmagic audio delay set to thousandths of a second
  • Fixed – Facebook: fix scheduled events by only showing the user's own events not those owned by accounts they can see (other groups or pages)
  • Fixed – PTZ preset controls should update in shot editor whenever PTZ prefs change
  • Fixed – Prevent the OS from turning off the display/sleeping if an ISO/Replay, Multi-Viewer or WebRTC Session is active
  • Fixed – Rendezvous: Clicking "Start Session" does nothing
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