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I have a Roland V-1HD HD Video Switcher that I use for 3 camera game work for livestreaming I have a older macbook pro with a Blackmagic Mini Recorder via thunderbolt that I have been using with just one of our cameras in trying to hook the two devices together I can't get a signal has anyone used a V-1HD with wirecast and if so what was your capture device and mac or pc?

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  • It's not clear what you mean by "hook the two devices together."
    I believe that switcher had HDMI out. Your aforementioned Mini Recorder should work. If your Mac has USB3 than a Magewell HDMI to USB3 may also work.

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  • when I take the output of the switcher and hook it to the blackmagic input card I can't get wirecast to see the input.  It's a mute point I ran out to best buy bought a card I've never heard of and it works fine I'm rmaing the black magic card and going to order a magewell it's got to be something in the blackmagic settings but I need to have the hardware be more bulletproof.  So far for everything I've done wirecast works pretty great I just wish the hardware was out there to bring input sources in easier.

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  • First check in Blackmagic Media Express. If you have video and audio there then you'd quit that and check in Wirecast. 

    We have a list of supported input devices.
    Keep in mind the input source has to be compatible with the device as well.

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