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Is it possible to record through virtual camera or something like from Wirecast to BMD Media Express? In case of yes, thenhow? Have fooled a little bit around but can't manage to get it to work.

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  • The app in question has to be able to handle Virtual Camera technology.  Virtual Camera is sort of a virtual webcam so compatibility is often with apps that can use webcams as sources but not all such apps are compatibility with the technology we use.

    Wirecast does it's own Apple ProRes recording (on Mac) and MJPEG (on Windows) so there really shouldn't be a need for Media Express.

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  • Hi Craig and thanks for a quick response! The reason i wanna use Media Express is, that in my eyes, it seems to run more wmooth, but maybe its only an illusion.Also - until now - i havent found a way to get the virtual camera/mic into Media Express, so in a way i have to just deal with wirecast's possibillities.


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  • Media Express is meant to record directly from Blackmagic hardware.
    Generally sending Wirecast to any external device isn't going to change what Wirecast sends. Wirecast has its own encoders for recording.

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