How to work with Stereo LtRt?

Why the audio type changes to dual channel when the channels are labeled Lt and Rt. Why does not Stereo leave? And why LtRt make the dual mono output? I'm sending this audio to the Dolby Pro Logic decoder which does not work for that reason. How can I check LtRt? I use Switch Pro 3.2 (6744). Thanks.

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  • Are you trying to monitor a stereo sound but are hearing only dual mono (center panned)?
    Please describe your setup and workflow in more detail. Include information about your source and your system monitoring setup.

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  • We have Tascam US-16x8 sound interface connected to iMac via USB. ch 1 to 6 we are maped to 5.1 - it are connected to multichanel input of receiver Onkyo. Channel 7 and 8 are connected to stereo input of this receiver. On US-16x8 settings panel we are maped Stero Bus to channels 7 and 8. See attached screenshot. When we need hear LtRt then we select stereo input and we switch on ProLogic decoder. The audio we only hear from the center channel. The 5.1 audio track (it selected multichannel input) is heard correctly.

    If I marked channels in track B as LtRt, then Program is changed from Stereo to Dual Channel and both channels Lt and Rt play the same sound (it's visible at VU meters too).

    If I describe something incomprehensibly, please ask. Thank you.

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  • Thanks for the detailed explanation. Perhaps we need to look at how we're sending the channels. They're not being handled as they should (as assigned) if that becomes mixed to mono. Fill out the form and include the example you posted above (you can link to the forum thread if need be).

    Switch Support Form

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