Black Screen when using screen capture in Wirecast

I'm desperately trying to add video calling to my live show and attempted rendezvous hundreds of times and was only able to get it to work 5 times out of hundreds. The inconsistency with how the app works with other peoples phones and computers was overwhelming so I've been trying to get Skype to work for over a month...all of the tutorials are for Wirecast 7.6 and we're on 11.2 so I tried my best to translate...every step of the process works except for the last


step 1 start a new project and set the main shots

step 2 turn on virtual camera

step 3 open skype , video settings, and choose the virtual camera

step 4 setup your shot in Wirecast and select screen capture........................

Now when I do this I can see my monitor in Wirecast clear as day...cursor and all...but then I set it to "Window" as instructed....all that pops up is a black window. I Select Skype as the window that I want .....nothing......and then the only half ass fix I could find was to use another monitor and capture that monitor.....Can't get that to work either.....


I'm beyond Depressed that I paid $800 for this program and then another $200 to upgrade...and the simplest features won't work... We chose Wirecast because of the features but it looks like I might have to try this on OBS or another program...


I have a weekly live show with thousands of viewers on the line here.......



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