Black Screen when using screen capture in Wirecast

I'm desperately trying to add video calling to my live show and attempted rendezvous hundreds of times and was only able to get it to work 5 times out of hundreds. The inconsistency with how the app works with other peoples phones and computers was overwhelming so I've been trying to get Skype to work for over a month...all of the tutorials are for Wirecast 7.6 and we're on 11.2 so I tried my best to translate...every step of the process works except for the last


step 1 start a new project and set the main shots

step 2 turn on virtual camera

step 3 open skype , video settings, and choose the virtual camera

step 4 setup your shot in Wirecast and select screen capture........................

Now when I do this I can see my monitor in Wirecast clear as day...cursor and all...but then I set it to "Window" as instructed....all that pops up is a black window. I Select Skype as the window that I want .....nothing......and then the only half ass fix I could find was to use another monitor and capture that monitor.....Can't get that to work either.....


I'm beyond Depressed that I paid $800 for this program and then another $200 to upgrade...and the simplest features won't work... We chose Wirecast because of the features but it looks like I might have to try this on OBS or another program...


I have a weekly live show with thousands of viewers on the line here.......



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  • Virtual Camera is only necessary if you want the guests to see the show output. Otherwise, you can just use the host's camera back into Skype.

    To bring the Skype callers in as guests you can either Screen Capture or set up Skype to send NDI output.

    Open Skype Preferences and then do the following: 

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  • Then after making the call bring in the guest and host as separate shots.


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  • Regarding Rendezvous, a lot does depend on your guest. They have to have the bandwidth and their browser must be compatible. Browser updates can break compatibility... or fix compatibility. That's a bit of a moving target, unfortunately. We certainly have many users who prefer Rendezvous to Skype and find it much easier to use. Simply have your guest check FireFox and Chrome. Usually, it'll work with one or the other. 

    On Windows, Microsoft has certain programs that can't be screen captured. Skype from the Microsoft store (and their Edge browser) may block capture. On the other hand Skype from Skype's site (sometimes called Classic) can be captured (but Microsoft may end "Classic" at some point). 

  • Hi Craig.

    Just a FYI. For OSX, they've removed NDI support unfortunately. still works. The later one does not. The GUI setting to turn it on is completely removed.

    Regarding Rendezvous - I still use it every week. But I agree, there are some issues that impact some remote devices. What is interesting to note is that it works with appear.in reliably, where wirecast fails... so not a browser problem.

    Anyway. I will continue to work with support to try to identify the cause.


  • Greg Kuhnert said:
    For OSX, they've removed NDI support unfortunately. still works.

     That's the latest version when I check. Are you watching the beta development of the next update?

  • CraigS said:
     That's the latest version when I check. Are you watching the beta development of the next update?

     It was literally a few days ago when I checked. Main system had new Skype and no NDI. Other system had older Skype and had NDI. Now, both of them are on the same version (assume they both updated), and NDI is back on both. So happy outcome! (At least as far as Skype is concerned).


  • Greg Kuhnert Good to hear. That's a relief.

  • CraigS NDi is only for PRO users ( That makes sense) so I have to pay another couple hundred to use what should be a basic feature

  • I don't understand how people are doing this live?? I'm just trying to record in Wirecast to show during the live show because it is always a nightmare trying to get callers in. My goal is to have the Skype caller see and hear the main feed...I can't get the screen capture to work...tried the screen reigon( which seems like a back door band-aid) and I wasn't able to get that to work. Is my only hope to pay the extra $200 for something that might not work for me and just roll the dice...We have between 8 and 15k viewers every week and bringing in live calls is vital to the evolution of the show.

  • tim sutton  NDI input is in Wirecast Studio. NDI output is Pro but you don't need that for Skype input into Wirecast. It works fine in Wirecast Studio.

    For going into Skype, Wirecast Virtual Camera would be viable. That's assuming Skype doesn't break compatibility and it may in some versions. Again if your version of Skype is Microsoft it won't work but that's due to Microsoft unfortunately. You can't capture Edge for the same reason. Use Skype Classic. All this is why we're working on Rendezvous and its use of WebRTC. There's still more work to go through.

  • CraigS  I tried using the ndi and that doesnt work...i tried downloading Skype classic...when I do this...it says it won't work without updating it

  • tim sutton  Alas this is all Microsoft's doing. If NDI can't capture it then their certainly preventing capture.

  • tim sutton Using Skype 8.39 NDI on Windows 10 I had no problem getting input into Wirecast 11.1.2 Also brought in NDI Scan Converter on the same machine capturing the desktop and NDI from Skype on another computer.

    In short, no problem capturing Skype with its built-in NDI out or NDI Scan Converter. It's definitely working as expected.

  • CraigS so is that the answer..."not our fault" so there is no way for me to get video calling on my show...?

    • tim sutton I use Gnural Net's Live to Air http://www.gnuralnet.com which I learned about from Jeff Fitzgerald from www.jeffinhighdef.tv

      You'll have to see if it is a fit for your workflow or not but it has opened a number of possibilities for our shows at Digitized.live and the team at Gnural Net have been great to work with overall.

  • tim sutton It's not an issue with Skype, NDI, Wirecast. It certainly may be something else but it's not clear what that is with the information provided. I can only make "blind" suggestions. If you can't get NDI to work in either Skype or Scan Converter there's some issue with your setup. Disable any firewalls on your system. Reboot the computer. Try NDI Scan Converter again. It should at least be able to capture your desktop.

    Keep in mind I tested three different products. Ours, Microsoft Skype, Newtek NDI Scan Converter. All working together as expected so the fault isn't ours, Microsoft's, Newtek's. So there's something else.

  • CraigS if you could do me a solid and give me a few step by steps so it's all in one place...that would help..I could see if I am missing a step...but I tried everything you've said and still get the black screen...is there a program that can block Microsoft from blocking the recording of the desktop and windows?

  • tim sutton  You may not be able to screen capture specific Microsoft programs like Skype or Edge but NDI should work. That's why I think there's another factor. What comes to mind is something security. I see problems with screen capture but none with NDI on my system. You should have a Windows Control Panel for your Firewall. I have mine on though (Windows Defender Firewall) and it there's no impact on NDI. NDI is pretty resilient so I'm trying to think what would block it especially if it's running on the same computer as Wirecast. I'm not sure if there's a custom security setting that would block it. I assume you're running from an Administrator account.

  • tim sutton  
    Enable the Private Network Location in Windows 10 but that's shouldn't be an issue for seeing its own computer.
    Firewall, Antivirus or Security software might be blocking NDI access. You'd have to check your particular program's docs to make sure it's not blocked.
    A different Subnet could be an issue but that shouldn't impact running on the same computer.
    Being on multiple networks (wifi and ethernet) at the same time can be a problem but, again, that shouldn't impact running on the same computer.

    You may want to run Newtek NDI Video Monitor and not use Wirecast and see if Skype or Scan Converter show up in that. That will take Wirecast completely out of the picture and just test NDI.

  • This both Skype on the local machine Windows 10 with Wirecast and Skype on the other machine on my network which is a Mac. Skype has NDI enabled there so it all shows up as sources in Wirecast on Windows 10 . I get video on shots created with any of the sources listed (I checked them all).

  • Skype > Settings > Advanced > Allow NDI usage.
    Then I make the call.
    Then I open Wirecast and wait a short bit and go to add the shot as shown above and it's there.  

  • Hi! Just tried implementing Skype using NDI. But I only get a blackscreen...

  • TV Salon Please check in Newtek NDI Monitor to make sure it's actually being successfully sent to the Wirecast computer.

  • I'm also getting a black screen from Skype. But I'm having a black screen in the Newtek Desktop Monitor application, too, so there must some back end issue. Regardless, this work around isn't really that practical at all. Echoing  tim sutton , this is a pain! I really just want to be able to grab a video chat app and bring it in to Wirecast. 


    Talking with a colleague over the phone, I have tried the window capture with other applications. I first started with Notepad, and that worked. Then I tried the Newtek Desktop Monitor app, and that worked. Then I tried Adobe Premiere - that worked. So this must have to do with some sort of permissions issue when it comes to this video conferencing softwares. Thoughts anyone?!? I turned off my Firewall...

  • Hiram Becker Mac or Windows?
    On the Mac side Catalina may require permission.
    Any time Newtek NDI Monitor isn't seeing the source it would seem something is impacting NDI on the send side.

  • I'm on the Windows side. 


    I was able to resolve this with help over another thread. https://telestreamforum.forumbee.com/t/h7hhw6f/zoomdiscordskype-video-capturing-issue

    Using the Direct3D11 in Zoom Advanced Video Settings solved. 

    There is indeed some malarkey happening on the Windows 10 side of things that is preventing us users from being able to properly Window capture in Wirecast. Some BS, frankly, but my Windows machine is cheaper and faster than my Apple. So be it....

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