Remember setting for Partial Screen Capture

If I configure a recording, select a region, then hit record, it works great. But once I stop recording, and try to start again (⌘⇧2), it falls back to full screen recording. Unless there's something I'm missing?


It would be great to not have to load up the "Configure Recording" screen each time...

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  • It certainly would be interesting to have a remember last settings used preference setting or some other means to select the previously used partial screen capture setting.

    Please do fill out the form and make the feature request.
    ScreenFlow Feature Request Form

  • Absolutely agree on this. Its not intuitive. "Configure" suggests setting something up permanently. I think it should be reflected in the wording that it only does the region recording once. I have forgot so many times that next time I record its recording the whole screen and then I get huge files, because its recording the full 2560x1200 px iMac screen rather than the smaller region, but I dont want to have to record everything again.

    So please add this feature or improve the UX to make it clear that its only a one time thing!


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  • Armin Seltz I'll make sure LP logs the feature request for you.

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  • CraigS Request documented in engineering database. 

  • LP Thanks for that.

  • Three years have passed and this key improvement hasn't been implemented yet. I have a 4K monitor and NEVER record the entire screen. It's a hassle having to remember to do those extra clicks every time I record.

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      Lorenzo Cangiano There are only two votes for this. perhaps that doesn't show enough user interest. I'm not sure why though.

      Internal investigation reference FLOW-5399

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