Web display: Send username, accept,or join to a web page...

I want to use Apple Numbers spread sheet to show statistics during a sports event.

It is a iCloud web collaboration read only view, show to all with the http address.
But I still have to write a namn and join the view.

Is it any way to solve the problem?

I have tried to copy and past the link from my joined webbrowser.

In the http address in the join web view, there is no, attached information as

https://www.icloud ...Gw#Mall_DDC_1_pool "?joinID=12345"

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  • It seems that iCloud security prevents web display from direct access. Wirecast Web Display is seen as another user that must sign in.  It would be interesting if there were a way to sign into secure web pages from within web display. Have you been able to write the name to join?

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  • I haven't been able to write in the form.

    I tried to use web display for a web page with automatically playing of video content.

    The content was geo blocked, and the web display wasn't recognised as Sweden (my country)  

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  • Jonas Bengtsson Yes that's another potential problem. Just to make sure it's working, try something simple like using one of our pages or a website local to you.

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  • CraigS The page with geo blocked content isn't important in this case.
    I just tested because curiosity. Was the web display just a jpg "Screen shot" web page or a "web browser" view of it. Other animations on the geo block page worked. 

     So it looks to me like the web display actually renders html in one way or another, and it would be possible to interact in one way or another with forms etc. 

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  • Jonas Bengtsson Would you like a method that would allow you to fill in form information to access pages that require that (like iCloud)?

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  • Yes

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  • Jonas Bengtsson Thanks for clarifying. 
    LP  can document that for you.
    The use case example is helpful.

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