Audio/Video out of Sync Wirecast 7.5

I am using the Video from a Webcam Logitech C920 and my audio from USB audio captured from a sound board. Once publishing to FB Live, I have seen the audio and video are not in sync. Let me know if anyone knows how to solve issue. 


Wirecast 7.5 

Windows 10 64bit 

Facebook Live 

Logitech C920 

USB Audio

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  • It was originally in Sync, then it automatically went out of sync not sure how/why 

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  • First please update to the current version of Wirecast which is 7.7. Updates include fixes so either check frequently or leave auto update enabled in Wirecast Preferences.

    Sync issues can happen for a number of reasons. High CPU use, Local hardware issue, ISP issue, CDN/server issue.

    Please keep CPU use under 80%.
    Monitoring locally will tell you if the issue is happening pre-encode. Doing a local recording can let you know if the issue is local (you can hear the issue in the local recording) or internet related (it's only there on the stream and/or server recording).

    If the audio was in sync and then at some point goes out of sync it may be a momentary issue but that can be anything from local to internet related. That's why local monitoring and local recording can be important. You'd be able to determine where in the process the issue may have occurred.

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