Episode 7.4 released July 5, 2017

  • 5 yrs ago

Link to PDF Release Notes

System Requirements
Mac Minimum System Requirements
● Operating System: OS X 10.11 or higher (Includes macOS Sierra 10.12)
● RAM: 8 GB or more
● 256 GB hard disk space, with 300 MB minimum for product installation
● Online Help Browser Requirements • Safari
*Please note: Episode 7 does not support OS X 10.10 or previous versions of Mac OS X.
Windows Minimum System Requirements
● Operating Systems:
• Windows 7 64-bit SP1 (64-bit, 1.5 GHz) • Windows 8.1 (64-bit, 1.5 GHz)
• Windows 10 (64-bit)
• Windows Server 2012*
● RAM: 8 GB or more
● 256 GB hard disk space, with 300 MB minimum for product installation
● Bonjour Print Services for Windows v2.0.2
● .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
● .NET Framework 4.6
● Online Help Browser Requirements
• Internet Explorer: Version 8 or higher
• Firefox: Version 6 or higher
*Please note: Episode 7 does not support Windows Server 2008. Episode 7.4

Episode 7.4 

• Updated and improved the integration with Youtube to support the updated API and added the ability to handle multiple user accounts.
• Changed to new libraries for handling MXF content.
• Improved node information provided through the CLI.
• Made parsing of incorrect audio metadata in MOV files more robust.
• Added support for DNxHR in MXF.
• Added support for decode of field based H264 video.
• Improved support for MXF input over SMB.

• Fixed an issue with closed captioning in MXF.
• Fixed several timing issues when using In/Out points with and without Split & Stitch.
• Fixed issues with DASH support.
• Fixed a variety of duration issues, both in standalone encodes and with Split & Stitch.
• Fixed a bug with import of GXF files.
• Fixed parameter values for email notifications.
• Fixed timing issues in frame rate filter to improve de-interlacing quality.
• Fixed a crash when encoding using x264 and closed captions in combination.
• Fixed support for multi-track audio output with Split & Stitch.
• Fixed an issue with audio/video sync when using XDCam inputs.

• Added support for decoding the Cineform codec.
• Added alpha channel support for QT Animation sources.
• Added support for 8-bit BlackMagic video.
• Added support for Windows RGB decode from an AVI container.


• Fixed time code issues when using Split & Stitch.
• Fixed time code issues for some MXF and TS variants.
• Fixed time code issues when using 23.98fps.
• Fixed closed caption issues when using Split & Stitch.
• Fixed color format for JPEG 2000 in MOV.
• Fixed channel order for 5-channel audio.
• Fixed a race condition when decoding long AVC-Intra sources.
• Fixed issue that caused crashes when the edit list was empty in MOV files.
• Optimized the Lanczos resize filter for certain color formats.
• Fixed channel order problems for GXF sources.
• Removed YouTube deployment support due to lacking API support.
• Fixed an issue causing corrupt output when encoding VC-1 using Split & Stitch.

• Fixed an issue with 10-bit HEVC not working on Mac.

• Added support for macOS Sierra!
• Added the ability to use edit lists with separate audio and video sources.
• Modified the processing order of tasks when doing Split & Stitch workflows so that the audio split will run first.
• Added support for decoding ProRes 4444 XQ on Windows.
• Added support for using values other than 2, 4, 8, or 16 for the number of audio channels in an XDCam MXF output.
• Episode will now show a warning if Desktop Experience is not activated on Server editions of Windows.
• Optimized the time it took to search to starting points in many formats.
• Added support for more codecs in AVI input files.
• Increased the maximum bitrate that can be set for the X264 codec.
• Added support for the Lanczos algorithm when resizing interlaced material.
• Reduced memory usage when using animations or other movies as a watermark.
• Updated system templates and workflows.

Customer Issues

• Fixed bugs that prevented interlaced video from being displayed on Windows when any mode other than Weave Fields was selected and hardware rendering was disabled.
• Fixed a bug where the stitch process in a Split & Stitch workflow could stall and never complete.
• Fixed a bug that could cause workflows using reference files to incorrectly map the audio channels to the output.
• Fixed a bug that would cause repeating timecode values when jobs with Split & Stitch were submitted using reference files to the source.
• Fixed a problem where some audio was dropped when encoding AAC using Split & Stitch
• Fixed a bug where JPEG2000 to ProRes transcodes could result in two time durations, leaving only half the audio in the final output.
• Fixed a bug where reference files created using CatDV could result in green output video.
• Fixed a crash with certain combinations of settings in the audio speed filter.
• Fixed a bug that caused intermittent audio spikes with some combinations of source and output audio codecs.
• Fixed audio mapping when using PCM with 8 discrete channels and doing a manual mapping using the ProAAC codec.

• Fixed an issue where X264 interlaced content could be mis-detected as progressive by the video importer.
• Fixed a bug that would prevent captions from being inserted when interlaced outputs were bottom field first.
• Improved the parsing of User Data in MOV file sources.
• Fixed color space issues for DNxHR 4:4:4.
• Made a fix for alpha layer handling when resizing 16-bit images.
• Fixed 2-pass encoding when using MXF as the input file format.
• Fixed a crash when restarting (or stopping) the Node process.
• Fixed issues with paths when using QuickTime Reference files with sources on SMB mounts.
• Removed green bars when decoding anamorphic OP-1a IMX30 MXF files.
• Fixed a potential deadlock when exporting WebM material.
• Fixed a problem that could cause the user interface to freeze when closing if the node was the master of a cluster.
• Decreased the size of epitasks with the Channel Converter filter created on Windows.
• Fixed a memory issue for 16-bit AES on Windows.

• Now support for Apple ProRes 4444 XQ decode.
• Added support for 10-bit Lanczos resize filter.
• WMV output has been re-added to Episode.
• Added 16 channel audio output option in UI.

• Fixed an issue where banding appeared in MXF AS-11 AVC-Intra 1080i.
• Fixed a problem where Episode picks up files before they are done copying into a FTP folder.
• Fixed a problem where EDLs create output that is too long.
• Fixed an issue where all JPEG 2000 outputs are Progressive - add support for Interlaced JPEG2000.
• Fixed a problem where AVI Decode couldn’t find the importer.
• Fixed a problem where duplicating System Encoder and Deployment does not create duplicate in User Encoders or Deployments.
• Fixed an issue where AAC does not work below 44.1 kHz.
• Fixed an issue where HEVC and AVC-Intra Progressive outputs have unknown field-order to Episode's API.
• Fixed an issue where anamorphic h.264 in .ts is broken.
• Fixed the problem where an IMX30 source had corrupt audio in the output.
• Fixed a memory leak when decoding 'AVC1' .mov file.
• Fixed an issue where there was a memory allocation error with ProRes 720p 59.94 fps.
• Fixed a problem where MP4 anamorphic files were not playing back as anamorphic in QT 7 player.
• Fixed an audio sync issue with encoded MOV H264 files.
• Fixed a problem where QT Timecode reel name doesn't work for reference files.
• Fixed a problem where AC-3 audio in a MPEG-TS container always encoding to 5.1.
• Fixed an audio error when MOV ProRes is encoded to MP4 H264 with High Complexity AAC.
• Fixed an issue where video is black when source is MOV AVC created by a Panasonic GH4 and encoded to MOV ProRes.
• Fixed audio errors when encoding MOV ProRes to MXF XDCAM HD 422.
• Fixed a problem where encoding MPEG-TS to MOV XDCAM distorts audio and changes channel order.
• Fixed an issue where MP4 H264 files fail to encode to MPEG-TS MPEG2.
• Fixed an A/V sync issue with XDCAM.
• Re-added support for AVI input.
• Fixed a crash where MOV H264 iPhone videos crash immediately.
• Fixed an issue where transfer fails to folder name with Cyrillic characters on Windows.
• Fixed an issue with incorrect headers in AVC-I output that caused banding in certain players.

Episode Exporter for Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC Fixes
• Added support for newer version of Premiere Pro.
• Removed need for rendering large cache files from Premiere Pro before transcoding in Episode.
• Added support for using Named Storage in Premiere Pro.

• NEW! Native 64-bit support.
• NEW! 4K support.
• NEW! Added native support for JPEG2000.
• NEW! Added native support for QuickTime Animation (decode).
• NEW! Added native support for Avid DNxHR and DNxHD.
• NEW! Named Storage now available directly in the UI.
• NEW and IMPROVED! Better encoding presets.
• IMPROVED! HEVC support.
• IMPROVED! Preview functionality.
• IMPROVED! Channel Configuration for mapping audio channels.

• Fixed issue with HDV 1080p using the frame rate filter with 23.976 fps.
• Fixed issue where in/out points in an MXF XDCAM to MOV MJPEG causes memory allocation error.
• Fixed issue where enabling the High Pass/Low Pass Audio filter crashed when submitted.
• Fixed issue where Episode was unable to decode AAC 5.1 or 7.1.
• Fixed issue where MOV HDV encoded file has audio sync error.
• Fixed issue where Episode was unable to decode MOV MPEG HDV files.
• Fixed issue where MBR fails to deliver package when source is WMV.
• Fixed issue where MOV container DV encoders were failing to make a file.
• Fixed Avid DNxHD 180 10-bit decoder error.
• Fixed issue where MXF DNxHD files created in Episode failed to decode in Episode.
• Fixed issue where AES audio doesn’t work in MPEG-TS.
• Fixed issue where AES audio in transport streams has the wrong channel order.
• Fixed issue where encoding YUV MOV file added static to the audio.
• Fixed issue where QuickTime timecode track was not being decoded and passed along for DNxHR sources.
• Fixed issue where using ProRes 4444 or 4444xq as source made the chroma slide off in the last frames.
• Fixed issue where Episode could not duplicate image sequence source template.
• Fixed issue where MXF Op1a MPEG2 to MP4 H264 audio was distorted.
• Fixed problem where video start time was 1 frame delayed in M4V file format.
• Fixed a number of remote desktop issues.
• Fixed issue where encoding from ProRes 4444HQ ProRes 422HQ Would fail at 1920 x 1080.
• Fixed issue where encoding to AIFF the audio tracks were re-mapped to the wrong order.
• Fixed issue where audio became distorted with MPEG4 ProRes MOV with AAC audio was encoded with H264.
• Fixed problem where dragging workflows/sources/encoders/destinations into workflow editor freezes UI.
• Fixed issue where closed curly bracket in file name causes Episode monitor to stop.
• Fixed issue where encoding H264 MOV to H264 MOV with in/out points causes audio issue.
• Fixed problem with files that were encoding while ingesting.
• Fixed problem where Episode would reorder audio channels when no audio filter is selected or pass-through is used.
• Fixed issue where Episode could not decode an AVC file wrapped in an MPEG-TS.
• Added the SMPTE channel map order.
• Fixed problem where captioning data was not be passed through to H264 codecs.
• Fixed a crash when resizing a 720 x 576 file to HD.
• Fixed a problem where encoding an MPEG4 AVC file to ProRes caused a memory allocation error.
• Fixed problem where AAC audio did not propagate to analyzeFile CLI and XML/RPC command.
• Fixed issue where encoded files were not moving to an output folder on Harmonic Media Grid systems.
• Fixes issue where Episode UI was crashing on a Windows cluster host via RDP.
• Added the Lanczos resize method to Episode.
• Fixed problem were encoded MOV DV video won’t import into Adobe Premiere Pro.
• Fixed issue where errors appear when encoding with AAC and sample rate filter (Mac only).
• Fixed crash when transcoding QuickTime reference files (Windows only).
• Fixed issue where priority can’t be changed on submitted workflows (Windows only).
• Fixed a crash when moving a watch folder to a deployment (Windows only).
• Fixed issue where clearing cache in Episode deletes PrivateCache folder thus causing problems with future transcodes  (Windows only).
• Fixed crash when saving a deployment task (Windows only).
• Fixed issue where FTP bookmark failed to connect to FTP server (Windows only).
• Fixed issue where program data was being put in the wrong folder (Windows only).

For more information on Episode, Episode Pro, Episode Engine and other Telestream products, visit http://www.telestream.net .

NOTE: For CLI users, the bin folder has moved to Applications/Episode.app/Contents/Resources/engine/bin

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