Audio re-wrap?

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I have a specific workflow that many Pro Tools re-recording mixers deal with every day: our client gives us a video with rough audio, we mix the audio and have to layback the new mix to the old video. I'm having trouble getting Switch to do the following: 

1. remove the existing audio on a video 
2. load new primary audio tracks (stereo, 5.1) 
3. resave the new combined file (rewrapping the video without rencoding the codec) for delivery to the client 

I can export a video without sound from Switch, but then I have to re-open the new video before adding sound. Would be much more convenient to just open one video, remove the audio and put on new audio. Any suggestions? Switch is cooler than QT Pro 7, but we can do this operation in QT Pro. Thanks in advance for thoughts. 

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  • Can you confirm you're using Switch 4.0?

    Can you provide information on the source codec of the file in Switch and the audio codec you're using? ProRes 422 video with PCM audio for example or something else?

    In other words, describe your workflow so they could do the same thing with the same file types on their system. 

  • Yes, Switch 4.0. The $10 version.

    Source codec changes all the time depending on what the client sends us. Often it's H.264, or AVC, sometimes ProRes or DNxHD. Client provided video usually has AAC audio as a reference only. Since our job is to present a hi-res audio mix, we almost always replace the AAC audio with PCM 24-bit.

    I think a lot of audio professionals would move to Switch if the full functionality of the aging QT Pro 7 app was included in the $200 version.



  • Nathaniel Reichman Thanks for those details. It certainly helps us understand the diversity of codecs you may need to handle when replacing with final mixed audio.

    LP will document the feature request for you.

  • CraigS Request documented in engineering database. 

  • LP Thanks for that.

  • Audio rewrap for re-recording mixers works in the current release.

        Open the file.
        Show the inspector.
        Switch to edit mode.
        Go to the audio tab.
        Delete the existing tracks (click on the minus button).
        Add the new mix as a secondary audio file.
        Export (video and audio passthrough).

  • LP Wow! You guys get the gold medal for incorporating customer feedback quickly. Can't wait to try this and share the news. Thanks.

  •   LP Sorry, I misunderstood, it's in the 4.0 release. I see what you mean now. Yes, maybe my workflow was wrong, this is great. Thanks.

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